BASIC ELECTRICITY Vol. 1-5 - A Rider Publication (1954)
Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope by Robert G. Middleton (1962)
Sylvania - How to Service Radios with an Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope Techniques by Alfred Haas (1958)
Oscilloscope Applications & Experiments by Edward M. Noll
KNOW YOUR OSCILLOSCOPE by Paul C. Smith (1958)
Practical Amplifier Diagrams by Jack Robin & Chester Lipman (1947)
BASIC AUDIO Vol. 1-3 - Intro to Tube Hi-Fi - Crowhurst, 1959
AUDIO DESIGN HANDBOOK by H.A. Hartley - Vintage Hi-Fi Tube Audio Book
RADIO ANTENNA ENGINEERING by Edmund A. Laport - Vintage Book - Ham
ANTENNA HANDBOOK by Frank C. Jones - Vintage Book on Aerials - Radio
AERIAL PROJECTS by R.A. Penfold - Ham Radio Vintage Antenna Book
73 Vertical, Beam, and Triangle Antennas
25 Simple Indoor and Window Aerials by E.M. Noll - Vintage Radio Antenna Book
25 Simple Amateur Band Aerials by E.M. Noll - Radio Antenna Book
Ham and CB Antenna Dimension Charts - For Builders
Basic Oscillator Handbook - Norman H. Crowhurst
BASIC ELECTRONICS Vol. 1-5 - Rider Publication - 1955
Radio Receiver Servicing - 1959 - Learn How to Service Your Antique Radio
Motorola VT-71 VT71 TV Operating Instructions - PDF Format
Servicing Hi-Fi Preamps and Amplifiers - 1957 & 1958 - Vintage
Radio Servicing Pocket Book - 1962 - Vintage Repair Book
Radio Circuits: A Step By Step Survey 1966 - Vintage Servicing Book
Principles of Refrigeration by Roy J. Dossat (1961, 554 pages)
Amplifier Builder's Guide by the Editors of Radio Craft - Hi-Fi Tube Amp Info
Elements of Tape Recorder Circuits - Vintage Info
Heathkit - Basic Electricity - Vintage Step-by-Step Course for the Beginner - Model EK-1
Heathkit - How to Understand and Use Your VTVM - Model EF-1
Heathkit - Basic Transistors - Model EK-3
Heathkit - How to Understand and Use Your RF Signal Generator - Model EF-3
Heathkit - How to Understand and Use Your Oscilloscope - Model EF-2
73 Dipole and Long-Wire Antennas - For Ham Radio Use
Vintage Television Servicing Course - M.N. Beitman - for Antique TV
Electron Tubes by RCA - Volume 1 & 2
Capacitor Manual for Vintage Radio Servicing 1939-40 Edition
The VTVM - How it Works - How to Use It
Sprayberry - Complete Antique Radio Servicing Course - CD - 2,758 pgs. - Vintage
The Superheterodyne Book - Antique Radio Servicing


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