Gym Edition: 4 Week Lean and Defined Program: Legs, Abs & Cardio

4 Week Lean and Defined Program: Legs, Abs & Cardio 

-Gym Or Home Program can be purchased
-4 days a week - 2 leg days and 2 cardio and abs days. Can be incorporated into current routine or done alone
-Challenging!! This program was made to build lean, toned legs and shred your midsection to make those abs pop!
-So much Nutrition Help!! Meal plan for weight training days, cardio/rest days and a muscle gain menu
-Guideline for eating out
-Food Exchange Lists - all different kinds of foods including desserts! -Easy to use for food substitutions
-Many Snack Options

Please note **There are no picture or video demonstrations of the exercises** But you should be easily able to find them on YouTube with a little search if you need to. Most of these exercises are not difficult to figure out BUT if you need additional help or can't find a certain exercise please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'm more than happy to help!