The Halloween Clown Horror Story
The Chocolate Bar Lesson
Zombie Apocalypse - Creative Writing Lesson
The Ulimate Quiz Pack
The Halloween Murder Mystery – Creative Writing Story
The Sandman Creative Poetry Writing Lesson
New York Monologues - Descriptive Writing
New York Monologues - Descriptive Writing
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Comic Strip Lesson
Campervan Travels
Planning Sheet for Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse - Creative Writing Lesson
Newspaper Headlines - Full Lesson
The Haunting - Full Lesson
The Cornish Mystery - Full Lesson
Spooky Christmas Story - Full Lesson
Of Mice and Men Quiz Pack
Teacher Feedback Pack
Verbal Feedback Pack
Minecraft Activity Pack
Celebrity Themed Assessment Grids
Celebrity Match-Up
Motorcycle Match-Up 2
12 Pack Fantasy Art Disks
Inspiration Cards
Themed Assessment Complete Pack
Britain's Got Talent Themed Assessment Grid
X Factor Themed Assessment Grid
Football Themed Assessment Grid
literacy True or False
Literacy Bingo 2
Literacy Bingo 1
Quick Literacy Starters Pack
Literacy Engager - Mini-Monster Sagas
Funny Captions
Wonders of the World - Starter
Letter Card Sort
Motorcycle Match-Up
Superheroes - Full Lesson Pack
Engaging Starters Pack 1
Language Features in News Headlines