Selig B3 and Leslie 147

Don't lug a 240 pound B3 and Leslie cabinet to every gig! Keep them safe at home! The Selig B3-Leslie is a meticulous recreation of the legend, down to the last tone wheel! Goes where no B3 samples have gone before. The Selig B3-Leslie is really two devices in one ReFill - the Hammond B3 and the Leslie 147, which can be used separately with any device / RE.

The advantages of modeling over sampling the B3 and Leslie are numerous. First of all, you can adjust the drawbars in real time (old school technique) via the on-screen 14:2 mixer, or with properly assigned faders/knobs on your MIDI controller. You can also add percussion for solo lines and change key click or distortion as you play. All of this can be automated as well. 

The fact that the two are modeled separately (unlike samples) has other advantages: adjusting the expression pedal and drawbars while playing will result in changes in the distortion of the Leslie device due to different output levels of the B3 - just like the real thing! And unlike samples, the Leslie is rotating even while you're not playing, which means that repeated notes or chords will not cause the leslie to 'start over' each time - also just like the real thing! Unlike all other previous Reason Organ patches, the Leslie accelerates and decelerates gradually and accurately, with the Bass Rotor changing speed much slower than the Treble Rotor. Again, just like the real thing!

• Each Drawbar is individually modeled (they are all slightly different)

• Drawbar Pitch Foldback
• Key Click for Key On and Key Off
• Drawbar Leakage
• Increased Polyphony causes decreased amplitude level
• Monophonic Percussion with all classic B3 Features
• Expression Pedal Volume Control with Accurate Range
• Popular Drawbar Presets plus the Original B3 Presets
• Additional Drawbar Presets representing Combo and Church Organs

• Separate Bass and Treble Rotors with authentically modeled equalization crossover
• Accurate Rotation Speeds for Each Rotor (including Treble Rotor Pulley Settings)
• Separately Adjustable Rotor Acceleration and Deceleration times for each Rotor
• Pitch Modulation Amount Changes with Rotation Speed (Doppler Effect)
• Volume, Panning, Pitch and Timbre Changes with Rotation for each Rotor
• Speaker and Cabinet EQ accurately recreated
• Variable Amp Distortion from Perfectly Clean to Filthy!
• Variable Stereo Panning Width from Mono to Hyper-Stereo
• Leslie Presets for Close and Distant Mic Positions
• Leslie Presets for Leslie 'Brake' (no spin) mode

The Selig Productions B3 & Leslie 147 refill includes over 80 B3 organ and Leslie presets. Order your copy NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: This ReFill requires Reason version 4.0 or higher, due to extensive use of Combinator and Thor devices. There is not a VSTi version available, and it will not work with any DAW: this is a Reason product only. Also note that a few people have reported problems with AMD processors creating distorted / clicking / popping audio - we've researched the problem and it appears to be beyond our control.

All sales final, absolutely no refunds whatsoever. If you have a problem with this ReFill we suggest you contact us immediately and follow our directions and suggestions. Some customers have experienced CPU issues, all of which have been resolved.

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