EditEd4TV Reasonable Help

Finally available after many years of collecting file after file, this is the 2010 Version of "Reasonable Help", full of clever Combinators for Reason/Record - in this collection you'll find nearly 5 years of creations that I've offered to the Propellerhead User Forum addicts.

Here a just a few of the files included in this edition:
• Channel Checker (switch from stereo, inverted stereo, mono, L or R only, and more)
• Chordal Strummer (a *very* realistic/controllable acoustic guitar strummer)
• Heroic Pad (the fattest and most beautiful synth pad you'll ever use)
• Keyed Layer Selector (use specific keys to activate sound layers, without sacrificing a Combi knob)
• MethSqueak (authentic recreation of a classic guitar synth)
• ReDrum Flam-Roll (add MPC style flam and roll effects to any ReDrum kit)
• Rex to Rex Gate (converts ineffective Rex slice gates into useful triggers for multiple uses)
• Scrubadubdub (an excellent pitch shifting granular synth effect for any sample)
• Subharmonic Generator (add a super-deep tone to any incoming audio)
• Super-Flanger (the last and craziest controllable flanger you'll ever need)
• The Antiquator (make any incoming audio sound like classic vinyl with hiss, pop, and hum)
• Visual CV (the best way to see any CV source, with numerical readout and moving cues)

For those of you that have followed my creations through the years, you've seen and heard most of these files before - but... they've all been completely revamped and reconstructed with MUCH more controllability and functionality, so it's essentially all new.

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