EditEd4TV Matey3 Midnight Sitting ReFill

This is the long awaited collection of 12 patches from my cover version of this popular song (just read the title out loud, you'll get it). This ReFill consists of patches only, not sequencer material.

Das Machine (the Kong drum patch)
Laser Dive
Snappy Bass
Muted Bass
Buzzy Bass
Warm Pad
Buzzy Chords
Chordal Synth
Simian (the ever-popular and mysterious lead sound)
Lead Synth
Sax Solo

All 4 Combinator knobs and buttons are mapped to various parameters. Usually Combinator knob 4 is mapped to volume for convenient live use. The remaining knobs and buttons control anything from filter frequency to reverb amount, reverb time, chorus speed, octave settings, and more. Pitch wheel and mod wheel are mapped as well.

Each and every patch has enormous potential, from the default load-in setting to drastic changes when you alter the programmed parameters... try low octave power drones, and for patches with delay try playing staccato notes in tempo, move the pitch wheel and mod wheel, etc. When you load in a new patch, all the knobs are at either 0%, 50%, or 100%. At first load-in you'll find the patch to be exactly as I used it in my ReCover, so you can simply deviate from there.

This collection consists of Combinator patches only; sequencer content is NOT provided. This ReFill equires Reason version 6.0 or higher due to inclusion of The Echo and Pulverizer devices. A VSTi version is not available - this is a Reason/Record ReFill.

All sales final, absolutely no refunds whatsoever.

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