Etheric Flush Extraction MP3

DrVirtual7 Subliminal Audio Enlightenment

13 Minute Audible/InAudible Subliminal MP3 Download.

Energetic Self-Healing is one of the best ways to build a stronger etheric immune system aura shield and to learn how to protect us on all levels of existence.

Affected by negative energies or psychic attack? Get your mental and emotional energies back under your own control and choose your state of mind.

Psychic Attack Defense and Protection from Negative Energy

Listening Instructions-
1X day or night 5 times per week
Headphones are optional

Please remember to drink extra water and get extra rest if needed

Clear Etheric Extraction Messages-

Dissolve etheric upservers
Dissolve negative oriented constructs
Dissolve astral body transmitters and tanks
Dissolve negative oriented
Energetic attachments with other people
Dissolve false karma
I disengage old behavior patterns
I purge dissolve and release deep seated trauma
I purge dissolve and release trapped emotions
I purge dissolve and release
Predator gang stalking constructs
I purge dissolve and release
Street theater constructs
I purge dissolve and release surveillance constructs
I purge and clean the plasma field
I purge and clean the scalar field
I purge and dissolve the whisper of pride
I purge and dissolve possessiveness
I purge and dissolve dark energy
I purge and dissolve energy vampire entities
I purge dissolve remote neural monitoring
Dissolve cloned mirror reality
Dissolve cannibal psychosis
Within between and without
Dissolve psychic tape worms
Dissolve self destruction
I dissolve and remove time bandits
Dissolve evasive thought form identity
Dissolve group mind thinking
Dissolve predator injection
Dissolve false version
Dissolve psychological warfare
Dissolve robotic automation
Dissolve fascism
Dissolve terror
Dissolve obsessive compulsive consumption
Dissolve shared agreements
Dissolve group narcissism
I am in touch with my inner guidance
I am in touch with discernment and critical thinking
Dissolve exploitation
I purge and clear all entry points
Dissolve false bridge up links and servers
Dissolve false bridge down links and servers
I purge and clear false guide ascension master imposters
Audio Track Addition-
I dissolve ritual energy signatures
I dissolve social media predictive modeling