White Light Activation MP3

White Light Activation 5 Minute Audio Video Subliminal MP3 Download

Music by Lee Rosevere "Ataraxia" mixed with ocean waves. This Video May Enhance Third Eye Brow Chakra, Subliminals ,Meditation, Hypnosis Audio Videos. Headphones Are Optional

Inaudible Voice Commands: The White Light Of Grace And Mercy Shine Upon Me.
I Am The White Light I Am Deserving Of The White Light Light Of Seven Suns

White Light Permeates By Body And Aura All Of My Affairs Are Surrounded By White Light
The White Light Cleanses Heals And Purifies All Inner And Outer Dimensions Above Center And Below Within And Without
I Am That I Am I Encircle Myself With The Divine Pure White Light Of Peace Love Harmony And Compassion I Accept The Spirit River Ever Flowing River Of Life ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to manifest your dream or aspiration into reality, you must empower it with your will force. Because will force can achieve just about anything! Now, there are two aspects to will force that will enable you to realize your dreams. They are – the divine will, and your individual will. White light transforms it empowers your life your dreams with the vital energies essential to bring about the necessary positive changes within you, and around you, to draw all required resources to you, and to smoothly drive you to your target. So basically, it shuffles, cleanses, brings together, connects, harmonizes and organizes resources that are the essential to achieve your dream, and imprints upon it the final seal of divine blessing. White light is omnipresent and flows freely in nature. It is accessible to anyone. nourishing your aspirations with divine blessings, and activating the individual-divine will force within you, thus unlocking your latent power even you were unaware of. Instructions For Listening Are Every day For At least 5-10 Minutes For 49 Days And 2-3 Times A Week Thereafter.