Dissolve Karma MP3

Dissolving Karma Here And Now 8 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Music: http://www.purple-planet.com Please Listen Only Once Per Day Do Not Over Do It Imagine Releasing Your Karma Built Over Several Lifetimes Dragging All Suffering Weighing You Down Into Each And Every Life Time Your Probably Wondering "When Is It All Going To Stop My Debts Should Have Been Paid By Now." That's Right It Should Have Been Done With But There Are Some In The Spiritual Hierarchy Who Believe You Should Keep Going With All The Debts Continued Suffering Is Not Necessary.

Earth Is A Freewill Zone Meaning "A Karma Free Zone". There Is A Right Way To Deal With Karma The Current Is Misleading On All Fronts What We Are Dealing With Is Karma Over Many Hundreds Of Life Times On Many Other Planets Worlds Etc. The many faces of good and bad the actors and actresses you've played the parts very well a striking performance deserves an Oscar.

Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.” ―Anne Lamott Voice Commands In The Audio Portion Are: I Petition The Lords Of Karma To Release Me Of All Debts From All Previous Lives Here And Now Thank You Thank You Thank You You Are Forgiven I Forgive Myself Everybody And Everything I Am Free To Live My Life Accordingly