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NanoBacteria (Nanobacterium sanguineum)

An audacious theory proposes the existence of a novel form of life—the nanobacteria (NB)—that is quite different from the ones already known, but is capable of infecting and damaging other beings, thus qualifying them as new agents of emerging infectious diseases.

According to their discoverers ], NB are very minute bodies ranging in size from 20 to 500 nm, the smaller ones filterable through membranes with 100-nm pores, and are observable by scanning electron microscopy or transmission electron microscopy, where they appear as spheres or rods. Many others have observed such bodies in diverse substrates and have called them nanoforms, nanobacteria, nanoparticles, nano-organisms, nanobes, living nanovesicles, microfossils, etc. The hallmark of NB is their more or less thick coat of apatite, which is formed from soluble calcium and phosphorus compounds in their environment or medium.

Many researchers reported NB in association with a variety of pathological calcifications, notably nephrolithiasis cholecystolithiasis, vascular plaques, valvular calcification, psammoma bodies in ovarian cancers, mammary cancer and breast implant contracture, osteoarthritis, chronic prostatitis and prostate stones, and periodontal disease. NB have also been implicated in intervertebral disk degeneration, polycystic kidney disease, reduced bone density in HIV, and peripheral neuropathy.

Self replicating nano bacteria that seeks to become the host in the body avatar responsible for many health problems.

Once in the blood seeks to set up shop in the heart the gut & the surface of the skin from there further expansion takes place.
(Biofilm -egg hatching)

Their small size means they are able to enter the body and potentially interfere with important functions of living organisms.

This video assists as a bio film disruptor.

Listen 1-2x every day for 30 days wait 2 weeks then resume again for another 30 days make sure to drink extra purified water after listening to flush out the die off of nano bacteria.