Bio Electric God Man MP3

Bio Electric God Man 5 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3

This Subliminal Brings On A Whole New Level Of Ascension Unrestricted

Inaudible Spoken Commands

I interface with the divine     
I activate living matter through me and to me       
I am living matter 
I link higher mind with superconscious realm    
Empathy mercy sympathy compassion generosity gratitude
I sense my self  
I interface with divine mind spirit     
I connect with higher mind and superconscious        
I am a god man I attain god status  
I fully accept my inheritance           
Divine mind spirit self realization
I accept this as truth for me now            
I apply higher wisdom      
I am noble and just         
I remember what I am      
I have a deep love for truth and learning
I master the higher over the lower
I master spirit over mind      
I am immortal
Inner beauty harmony justice and mercy 
Kindness and warmth compassion and understanding     
Integrity and nobility    
I express these ideals   
I live from my spirit     
I purify my personality I sharpen my mind
I place these in service of spiritual intuition and noble ideals    
Heart and mind reason and intuition        
Intellect and spirit work together in harmony  
I transcend the matrix 
I am the eternal truth
I hear the voice of divine wisdom
Nature reveals her secrets to me
You transcend the matrix
I achieve full consciousness
United with divine mind spirit
I am the divine heart in the god man
I am divine majesty
I am god continually sustained 
Lived and directly fully experienced
Permanent and genuine experience
I am god realization self sustained
Eternally fresh and unfailing
Boundless and indescribable
I am ageless and timeless
I recall the natural world
Natural world remembrance
I instill love and courage
As truth for me now
I stay eternally well in wellness 
In and on all levels of beingness
I open all ports to divine mind spirit oneness
God self realization in full expression
I am free flowing energy
I transcend all planes
I can do anything.

The ego can not exalt itself into heaven because of the false self is an illusion which is then casted back down once more to the lower planes hence the fallen angels,  until it is purified through the fires of transformation the false identites can not sit at thy right hand of the father it is through the fornix furnace the self is purified of all false identities illusions indoctrinations holographic realities etc. Until the hour of transformation the self can be labeled a hypocrite the flip side is when the self is liberated and is directly experiencing god self realization in divine mind oneness with spirit he is living his highest ideals    The self can not be one with divine mind spirit by reading a book or talking about it or buying a ticket to the pearly gates meanwhile doing nothing or taking no accountability for the self meanwhile missing the mark time and time again subjecting the self for repeated re-incarnations.    The self must live it in full consciousness divine mind spirit oneness eventually as the self starts to purify the carnal mind the higher mind connects with the super conscious