Ascension 21 5D MP3

Ascension 21 5D- 5 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3

Music By Nature World 1986 (YouTube)

Wave X Is The Game Changer That Changes Both External And Internal. During Times Of Great Change It Is Of Importance To Stay Calm And Not Panic. When We Are In The Fear And Panic Mode It Lowers Our Energy Field Thus We Disconnect From Higher Source We Then Are On Our Own No Help Guidance Assistance Abundance Nothing -0.

The Idea That, Through A Telepathic Effect Or Sympathetic Vibration, An Event Or Act Can Lead To Similar Events Or Acts In The Future Or An Idea Conceived In One Mind Can Then Arise In Another.

Headphones Are Optional

Subliminal Voice Commands:

Unconditional Love






Radiant Health

Open Galactic Portal

Entering Galactic Portal

Raising Energy Vibration

5th Dimensional Alignment Integration

Centered At Core

Level Five

Easily And Naturally

I Am Awake To All That Is

I See Right Through Everything

I Integrate External Change With Internal Realization

I Can Take My Body Form Anywhere I Choose

I Remember My Origin

I Am A Sovereign Being

I Know Who I Am

I Know What I Am

All Knowing

I Am Aware

Heightened Perception

Heightened Intuition

Heightened Natural Abilities

And So It Is