How to Release Your Anxiety regarding the 'Coronavirus' FREE Audio

HI, I am Karen Phillip from Virtual Hypnotherapy. I have prepared this session for you in my home office, to support those of you feeling fearful and anxious over the issues of Coronavirus. While we know about the handwashing, additional sanitisation and self-distancing rules, we can help our mind cope by reducing our anxiety and fears to manage better using the positive guidance this session will provide.

We must do what we can to proactively keep our mind strong and positive, to better manage the current crisis. This session can help to decrease your anxiety and concerns of the covid19 virus and as you become better prepared mentally and emotionally.

This free audio is designed to help you, by embedding positive empowering suggestions into your subconscious mind to keep you strong, resilient and resourceful during this time. Permitting your subconscious mind to absorb the positive suggestions while relaxing comfortably, helps you to feel more optimistic and resourceful.

Please relax and listen to this beneficial session prepared just for you.