Your company is developing an innovation that will be integrated into your work, community, or..

Your company is developing an innovation that will be integrated into your work, community, or church. The goal is to move your work, community, or church to the top in terms of business processes, operational effectiveness, product and service innovation, profitability, and growth. However, innovation does not come without risk, and risk can be influenced by a variety of conscious and unconscious factors. In this assignment, you will consider the factors that influence risk taking and innovation.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
  • Instructors will be using a grading rubric to grade the assignments. It is recommended that learners review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment in order to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.
  • Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.
  • This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.

Write an essay of 1,000 words that addresses the conscious and unconscious factors in risk-taking and innovation. Your paper should include the following:
  1. A description of and rationale for the innovation strategies leaders should employ to improve cross-cultural relationships.
  2. A description of the risks and challenges associated with an innovation opportunity in a global environment from both a personal and organizational perspective.
  3. A research-based description of at least one conscious and one unconscious factor that might affect a leader's decision regarding an innovation opportunity. How might these two factors affect creativity and innovation?
  4. A research-based explanation of why self-awareness is important in risk-taking and innovation situations.