Using the organisation that you covered in Assignment 1, if there is no existing financial crime


Option A
Using the organisation that you covered in Assignment 1, if there is no existing financial crime prevention procedures, write a strategic plan for the organisation that will deal with financial crime. The plan should be based upon the requirements of the Australian Standard Corporate Governance - Fraud and Corruption Control (AS 8001:2008), Appendix A.

The plan shall be accompanied by a comprehensive explanatory note justifying why the material in the plan was included and, where possible, analyse the practical limitations of the mechanisms selected.


Option B
Using the organisation that you analysed in Assignment 1, provide a detailed critique of the organisation's financial crime control prevention processes, specifically mentioning areas where improvements can be made.

The critique should be based upon the requirements of the Australian Standard Corporate Governance - Fraud and Corruption Control (AS 8001:2008), Appendix A.

This assessment item requires students to apply the relevant literature to an organisation to either draft a strategic plan and importantly an associated explanatory note (Option A) or critique financial crime processes (Option B). It therefore requires an analysis as opposed to a mere description and in that regard is perhaps deceptively difficult. Before commencing the assignment, it is suggested that students refer to the assessment criteria, noting that it is different from assessment item 1.


It is expected that you will conduct extensive research for your assignments. Your research must encompass the existing academic literature, as well other appropriate resources as per your essay topic.

You are expected to apply both a critical approach, and demonstrate engagement with both the subject contents and with the broader literature. You will need to provide evidence of your grasp of the key conceptual ideas that are contained in the subject, and your capacity to make logical arguments and
deductions on the basis of these.

If you have any concerns with your capacity to complete the task to the required standard, contact your subject coordinator for assistance early in the semester, or contact a Learning Skills Advisor.
Marking of the research essay will be done with consideration of the substantial guidance provided. At a post-graduate level you are expected to submit written work of a high standard, with sophisticated analysis and conclusions, free of errors.

Why Writing an Essay is Important

Essays are not just exercises in research; they are also exercises in communication. Writing allows you to crystalise your thinking about the things you have been learning in your discipline area and to communicate this to others. Essays provide you a chance to show what you can do: that you
understand the question asked; that you understand the issues involved; and that you have done an appropriate amount of research and reading that has allowed you to gain a reasonable understanding ofthe issues. The essay writing process is a chance for you to demonstrate your analytical thinking and forces a deep and powerful type of learning to take place.

Essay writing as a form of assessment is frequently used for assignments and in exam situations. Most students will be required to demonstrate their learning through this type of academic writing during their degree course.

Marking criteria

Your work must address all of the specifications listed in the assignment and will be assessed against the following marking criteria:
i. Evidence of broad reading and research and organisation of ideas (10 marks)
ii. Presentation, including correct essay structure, grammar, spelling, referencing (including compliance with APA Referencing style in-text and Bibliography list.) (10 marks)
iii. Analysis (25 marks)
iv. Ideas and thoughts articulated in a logical, clear and concise way and all sources correctly referenced (10 marks)
v. Objectives addressed and sound coverage of issues and content (5 marks)


All essay submissions must comply with the following guidance:
  • The essay must be in MS Word format.
  •  A title page is required - name/student number/assessment item number/assessment title.
  • The essay structure must consist of an introduction/body/conclusion.
  • 12 point Times New Roman.
  •  1.5 line spacing.
  • Subheadings centred.
  •  Text justified left.
  •  One line separating paragraphs.
  • No numbered or bullet-point lists.
  • Use APA referencing in text.
  • Use a reference list or bibliography as is necessary.
  • No footnotes to be used.
Word Count.
Important Note For Students – You will see from the instruction on completing your Assessment Item Task that there is a word limit. Please be advised that this will be strictly adhered to. Papers that exceed the word limit by between 11% to 15% will be penalized. Marking will stop at the point that paper exceeds the word limit by 15%.


  • The reference list/bibliography must have at least 10 publications and consist of a mix of academic journal articles, texts and reports. Reference to wikipedia and newspaper articles is unacceptable and should not be used.
  • You can register with Turnitin to create a Student Account under the CSU Turnitin Licence at Further information on how to use Turnitin is provided within the Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism: