HRM 310 Week 3 Organizational Change Experts

Select three notable organizational change experts whose works are included in theOrganizational Change text in Chapters 1 through 6.

Create a 12 to 15-slide presentation that:

  • Identifies the three different organizational change expert(s) you selected.
  • Identifies the nature of their work in the field of organizational change.
  • Describes their work in terms of any model, framework, diagram, or process for which they are credited. If there is no model, framework, diagram, or process described or shown in the text, you may research the Internet or University of Phoenix Library to find one, or you may design a model, framework, diagram, or process that you believe describes their work.
Use any respective charts or diagrams such as the models, exhibits, and figures found in Chapters 1 through 6 of the Organizational Change text to explain their work.

Include a title slide and reference slide as part of the above total number of slides.

Include brief speaker notes on each presentation slide representing what you would say while giving the presentation.

Reference two peer reviewed research  sources in addition to the Organizational Changetext, for a total of three references.

Format your presentation in the style that is consistent with APA guidelines.

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