MGT 434 Week 5 Understanding Labor Practices

Resource: Understanding Labor Practices Worksheet

Assess each unfair labor practice using the Understanding Labor Practices worksheet.

Determine the labor law and particular provision(s) applicable to the situation.

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Understanding Labor Practices

Labor laws:

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) (Wagner Act)

Norris-LaGuardia Act

Labor Management Relations Act (Taft-Hartley Act)

Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (Landrum-Griffin Act)


Select the applicable federal law(s) from the labor laws above and its respective provision(s) affecting each labor practice issue.


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Unfair labor practices committed by employers include the following:
Applicable Law & Provision Affected
Refusal to collectively bargain with the union representative
Discrimination against union members
Company decides to form its own union
Retaliation against employees who file a grievance with the union
Interference with union elections
Unduly influencing union members or representatives
“I’ll close this plant if the union comes in here!”
Prohibits organizing activity during lunch breaks
Unfair labor practices committed by unions include the following:
Applicable Law & Provision Affected
Coercing employees to join unions
Pilfering union dues
Refraining from collective bargaining
Calling an illegal strike that will affect the health and safety of the nation
Blocking the entrance to employer’s facility
Incorrect financial disclosures
“We’ll see who gets hurt tonight if you don’t vote for the union!”
Bad-faith, illegal bargaining.