Module 6 DQ 1

In order to learn how children with severe autism experience the receipt of special education assistance in public schools I would conduct a case study. Grand Canyon University (2013) offered that a case study is unique as it can be combined with other qualitative research designs. This design is the correct method for this scenario, especially because of the delicate nature of the study population. The data is gathered from multiple sources to describe structure, themes, and dynamics of the public-school system, the special education assistance and the experiences for severely autistic students (G.C.U, 2013). I would use triangulation of observation, open-ended interviews and narrative in order to capture the experiences had by the study participants. Due to the possible difficulties in speech or expression of the severely autistic students used in the study as participants, I believe that the best, most valid and reliable data of the experiences of the participants would be gathered using a case study as mentioned above.