Q.2.1 Post Discussion - Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Preventative Measures

The control and prevention of non-communicable diseases requires individual, organizational and community efforts. The spread of non-communicable disease can be best reduced by applying primary, secondary and tertiary preventative measures. Last week, you identified leading health indicators in your community using the CHSI 2015 tool. Choose one health indicator (that would qualify as a non-communicable disease) impacting your community and discuss primary, secondary and tertiary measures that could be applied to help reduce prevalence of the indicator.

Review CHSI 2015 here: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/CommunityHealth/home

For an applied example of primary, secondary and tertiary measures, please review the CDC (2015) Arthritis Prevention Pages in this week’s resources.

The development of substantive posts will include complete answers to the questions posed, reflective and analytical thought, and the inclusion of APA formatted reference citations in the body of the post.