Home Shield Protector

In this crazy chaotic world that we live in protecting your home in protecting your family is very important.

All of your enemies Beware you are now protected

What happens when you take the most powerful GPS technology reality hacking tools integrated with a highly advanced Radionics plate that is attached to a sacred geometry shielding technology.

The Home Shield Protector

I have been making powerful energetic shields for some time. My team of inner circle magicians has been working on ways to protect ourselves from the effects of dark magic, psychic attacks, inter-dimensional entities, targeted Radionics attacks, and targeted scaler wave attacks.

The home shield protector is a customize shielding technology. The client is required to give the specific address and location on Google maps we take that information and set up a custom-made energy shield that covers all of their property. The shield is set up using video caster technology so that the user can have for control over their shielding and protection.

It's time to step out of the dark ages with this technology protect your family and your loved ones.


Hello Sir, 
I just wanted to let you know that the video caster home shield you made for us is working. We have passed through a dark moon period as well as a full moon period without any major incidents. There is also a feeling of calm here.

Also, I notice there is absolutely no sense of chi depletion on my part or on the part of the cats. Everyone feels good. In sum, the shield does not feed on us and this is a wonderful thing.

Many thanks,