Booty Sniper Master Class

Booty Sniper Master Class (Skype Training)

Master Class (Skype Training)

$150.00 2 hour Training

Psionic Seduction 

Sacred Geometry 

Seduction  Magic 

Remote Psychics Seduction 

Remote Viewing Seduction 

Remote Influencing Seduction 

Remote Healing Seduction 

  Pendulum Divination


"My Master-class session with MoonShadow was a sizzling 3 hours of mind-expanding concepts of how this world works at an energy level. He walked me through several demos of his products and changed my whole understanding of our relationship with the Universe and why the "system" is rigged to favor only a few powerful individuals/organizations. If you're thinking of circumventing the challenges of daily life to achieve your dreams in the most challenging of situations, you should talk to MoonShadow. Better yet, check out the products he's created."