Booty Magnet 2.0

In my career in teaching occult secrets to others, the question that I’m asked the most often is, “How can I make someone desire me?”

The terms may be different depending on the person.

Some people might ask, “How can I make this person fall in love with me?”

Others might want to know how to make their years-long spouse become sexually interested in them again.

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This is the reason certain men are so effective with ladies. 

Quantum magnetic Spell Energies" are what makes Women be pulled in to specific men. Ladies sense these "Quantum magnetic Energies" and are attracted to them. 

This DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN they had a Love Spell Cast to pull in the ideal Girlfriend. Truth be told, in 99% of the cases, these energies are normally happening OR THEY CAN BE OBTAINED! 

Truly, OBTAINED. That is the Magic Word. Meaning YOU would posses be able to the same "Quantum magnetic Energy" as a man who gets ladies with no exertion. 

These Attraction/Love Spell energies can be INFUSED directly into your identity for all intents and purposes overnight. These exceptional energies enable you to draw in the PERFECT Girlfriend into your life. 

These exceptional energies enable you to rekindle the relationship with your wife for mate back into your life. 

Sexual and Emotional Needs are Universal…

This is one of the most basic needs of human beings, and it seems that it is also one of the most unfulfilled needs as well.

What just about everybody seems to be forgetting is that YOU have the power enflame sexual desire in anyone that you want.

The first thing that you need to realize is that just about everybody has sexual desire built into them. All that you have to do is learn how to activate that desire, and funnel it in your direction.

You can spend weeks, months, or even years trying to win over the person that you want...

OR, you can spend a few minutes tapping into your hidden reservoir of spiritual power and MAKE THAT PERSON CUM TO YOU!

One of the keys to successfully imprinting your will upon the world, or upon another person, is that you NEED to exhaust all of your desire for the end result IN THE RITUAL.

It is often said that as soon as you forget that you even performed the ritual, the rewards will come! This is why it is so important to push all of those emotions and thoughts out of yourself while performing the ritual. 

Booty magnet takes all of the hassles away and simplifies the manifestation process with an easy to use straightforward Radionics plate based off of the Hieronymus machine. It increases the pheromones in your body.  It raises the charisma level of your aura.  It sets up a field of intense sexual desire for anyone who starts to think about you or looks at you.

This package includes:

Booty Magnet Radionics Plate 2.0

(This allows you to cast not just Budi magnet sigils but any relationship sigil's or filters)

Booty Magnet Power Radionics Sigil

(This is designed to make you more desirable to women, in general, you will get more looks and get more attention from females around you.)

Booty Magnet pheromone generator (300% increase )

Upgraded booty sniper 5.0 Talisman (Crazy Powerful)

Mojo Generator 

(This sets up a powerful charisma force field anyone who looks at you or thinks about you will feel the positive effects of your charisma)

True Love GPS ( AKA wife finder. This sends out a single to your soul mate and draws them into your life)


Boyfriend Destroyer technique Find my ideal Relationship sigil

Secret Advance Booty Magnet Technique e-book

39 bonus sigil's

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