Crystal Vamp Battle Magic Business in a box

Radionics Plate

(Real World Magical Tools to Improve Your Life)

Warning this is a powerful Radionic Tool this is not a toy!!!

(This is a must-have tool)

This product is incredibly powerful

Basic understanding of Radionics is required 

Now you have the ultimate power you can extract the energy of your enemy and store it inside a Crystal.

Use the Business Version Tool to create magical items that you can resell

The Product Includes:  •5 Digital radionic plates •Instructional Video •1  Secret bonus plate Business license agreement •one on one Skype training
-Power from higher dimensions-

This is a powerful tool that allows you to charge crystals.

Crystal Radionics provides distance healing using a radionics instrument that sends or “radios” a gentle healing vibration to a person for energy attunement. The feeling is subtle, the results are wonderful!

Crystals Healing is an elective restorative system in which precious stones and different stones are utilized to fix sicknesses and ensure against malady. Advocates of this procedure trust that crystals go about as courses for recuperating — permitting positive, Healing vitality to stream into the body as negative, illness-causing vitality streams out. 

Radionics is helpful alongside conventional treatments for many ailments including:

Physical Issues: Aches and pains, increase range of movement, increase speed of healing, functional tune-ups

Environmental Issues: Chemical sensitivities, rebalancing electro-magnetic fields, polarization, EMF, implant removal

Behavior Issues: Stuttering, phobias, negativities, post-trauma, stress, grief, survivor issues

Subtle Fields: Chakra clearings, auric repairs, spiritual tune-ups 

Psycho-Spiritual Development: Increased mental focus, deeper interpersonal and spiritual connection, Shadow and Inner Child work

Crystals have been used from ancient times and magical practices as a way of storing energy and projecting it. Modern-day Electronix utilizes quartz crystals and almost every computer system known to man. Through the use of Radionics, we can take different crystal energy's and transfer them to a particular target. 

I have developed the Crystal Vamp Battle Magic plate to allow you a simple easy to use Interface that allows the user to scan your enemy target and transmute their energy into powerful Chi energy that transfers it into a Crystal.  

This could be used for extracting wealth energy from your business competition. 

You could use this to drain your enemy targets health or life force.

Drain the power of a corrupt government Dictator

Drain a witch or covens Magical Energy

Drain the energy from a landmark or Natural Vortices

Drain the energy from a bank or Treasury 

Now you have the ultimate power you can extract the energy of your enemy and store it inside a Crystal. 

Tap into this powerful tool and unlock the ability to create magical Crystal items. 

There has never been a magic tool so powerful yet so easy to use.

You will see the Benefits right away

The Business version allows you to take these magical items and you can resell them eBay Amazon or to your friends or neighbors.

Crystal Vamp Battle Magic

You will get:

•5 Digital radionic plates 
   You will be able to target up to 32 enemies at one time from one operation

You can combine the power of these plates with your Rad box or rad software

The number of crystals that you can charge in the number of times you can recharge crystals is infinite.

Never lose a battle always have the upper hand

•Instructional Video 

•1  Secret bonus plate

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This tool works well with other Psionic Warrior products such as the Quantum Grid or Quantum Grid Prime plus.

This technology his license to the individual user and not to be copied or distributed without the permission of the creator.  The technology also contains a remote off switch which will allow the energy from the talisman to be turned off if the violation of the license agreement occurs. If you need help or are looking for a custom energy image or spell casting please contact me.  

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