Master Class (Skype Training)

Master Class (Skype Training)
$150.00 2 hour Training
  • Psionic and Radionic
  • Sacred Geometry 
  • Sigil Magic 
  • Remote Psychics Seduction 
  • Remote Viewing 
  • Remote Influencing 
  • Remote Healing
  • Pendulum Divination


"My Master-class session with MoonShadow was a sizzling 3 hours of mind-expanding concepts of how this world works at an energy level. He walked me through several demos of his products and changed my whole understanding of our relationship with the Universe and why the "system" is rigged to favor only a few powerful individuals/organizations. If you're thinking of circumventing the challenges of daily life to achieve your dreams in the most challenging of situations, you should talk to MoonShadow. Better yet, check out the products he's created."

"I'd struggled for years trying to learn radionics and energy work on my own.  The whole thing was intimidating and confusing, so I decided to purchase Moonshadow's Skype Master training, hoping that I'd come through it with a better understanding.  In three hours, Moonshadow put together ALL the puzzle pieces for me.  He gave me all the necessary foundational background first.  Then, we worked through examples of using Sigils, Radionics, and Pendulum Clearing, and I was able to use the skills/techniques immediately, in my every day life.  I'm deeply grateful for this knowledge and highly recommend the class to anyone hoping to cut the cords of servitude to the Global Elite and learn to live a life of true freedom, by design."