Quantum Healing

Digital Talisman

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Product includes:

One digital talisman
One video talisman
One digital talisman for use and USB drive

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Five Reiki attunements

Quantum healing uses a technique called Bioresonance Therapy.

We Live in Abundance

Today we live in abundance. More and more technical accessories surround us, there seems to be no end in sight to transport and communication development, the quantity of chemical substances and prepared food increases day after day. The more we enjoy all this, the higher the price is and we pay for it with our health.

When the Cup is Too Full

People and their health are increasingly burdened with chemical additives from food and drinks, with toxins from our environment, with radiation, medication and pharmaceutical residues that can often be found in meat and even in water.

Many people have difficulties carrying such burden. When their cup is too full, unexplained hypersensitivity reactions and chronic fatigue break out at first, eventually developing into serious physical disabilities.

Moreover, the causes of health problems of patients who have identic symptoms can be completely different. Unfortunately, the traditional medicine often cannot find the true cause and treats all the patients the same.

Numerous heavy and long lasting burdens can lead to reduction of self-healing capacity of our body

Super Powerful Healing

We know that our body has a great capacity of self-healing. With its incredible system, it eliminates or reduces influences, however unusual they may be.

But if such influences continue over a long period of time and if the burden is too big, self-healing capacity of our body reduces at first, then fades and finally vanishes.

Findings in the Field of Engineering

Findings in the field of engineering have led to development and paved their way in the field of medicine as well

Today we can receive images over the air and have the conversation over long distances. Such a technical development is present in other fields as well.

Findings in the field of biophysics and quantum mechanics have created unimagined possibilities and enabled a surprising development of engineering. So far, the findings have unfortunately been ignored by the traditional medicine even though they are the basis for understanding the bio resonance therapy.

All matter both consists of energy and radiates it

The matter is concentrated energy. At the same time matter emits energy.

Each substance, as well as each cell, body part, virus, bacterium or pollen, emits energy that has a specific wave length or frequency with its own characteristics. We call it a frequency pattern.

Cells communicate with each other

We live in a communication and information age, a time ripe to become aware that our body works only if cells communicate and exchange information with each other. It has been proven that cells communicate with each other at the speed of light and that information is transmitted through specific frequencies.

In a healthy body information flows smoothly, so every cell and body part can fulfill its task.

Super Powerful Healing

Burdensome influences or substances can hinder communication between cells

If harmful substances or radiations burden our body (toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.), their burdensome frequency patterns can hinder communication between cells.

Interference in communication between cells may result in organic (bodily) change

If communication between cells is hindered, cell function is hindered as well, which first results in various forms of unexplained hypersensitivity disorders, reduced capacity or chronic fatigue and even in organic changes followed by diverse symptoms. The latter often manifest where a weakness, most probably genetically conditioned, was already present.

When you have a cold or flu there are some simple things that you can do to give yourself some relief.

• Stay hydrated. ...

• Rest. ...

• Soothe a sore throat. ...

• Combat stuffiness. ...

• Relieve pain. ...

• Sip warm liquids. ...

• Add moisture to the air. …

• Use the quantum Healing Talisman

• Try over-the-counter (OTC) cold and cough medications.

Use the quantum healing talisman to aid in recovery and supercharge your immune system.

Disclaimer: This is for experimental use only. This systems offered here are not intended to replace your physician, nor to be used to diagnose or cure ailments, but are used to relax and promote well-being, which often improves healingis