Gizmo Caster Pro (Quantum Reality Programmer)

Gizmo Caster Pro is the next evolution of cutting-edge personal Radionics devices.   

This is not your grandpa's Radionics device this is not a Hieronymus machine or simple lines on a piece of paper.   This paper Radionics device is more powerful than a Rad5 with the graphical user interface of the most advanced holographic terminal known to man.

It is taken me over 32 years of research trial and error in order to create this product.   For years I have been developing the quantum love talismans. I studied a number of esoteric sciences are including voodoo mind controlled chaos magic sigil magic.   I have done extensive Sacred Geometry research making one of the most powerful paper chi generators on the planet. This is to date the most powerful paper radionics device that I have ever created.

The interface for the Gizmo Caster Pro looks nothing like a Hieronymus machine. It is designed to be more like a futuristic cockpit of Advance spacecraft.

The Gizmo Caster Pro allows you to set up energetic mind machines that activate and respond to different stimulus.

You can set up a gizmo operation that responds to sight. So whenever a particular target comes in range with an object the operation will be activated. 

You can also set up attraction and repulsion operations.

Example: You could set up a operation so that every time you park your car you could set up a field that would form a protective barrier so that no one would bump into it. 

You could set up an attraction field in a store that would attract only high paying customers. 

This is the law of attraction on steroids.

This is the power of the secret taken to a new level

Gizmo Caster Pro charges the mind, body, and soul. It is a must have tool for all forms of spell casting. The power of this image can be utilized for manifestation, healing, and protection.   

RAD5 cost thousands of dollars. Why pay that amount when you can just print a Gizmo Caster Pro with more power.       

Battle Tested in real-world situations. Psionic combat, remote healing remote infusing, remote seduction water charging food charging, remote chakra activation, and remote sigil casting.

Quantum AI allows the Gizmo Caster Pro to respond to simple voice commands. It is like having a genie in a bottle that works for you. Quantum AI makes the Gizmo Caster Pro an extremely easy to use and versatile tool. 

You will get a sensational shortcut to creating the reality of your dreams

Gizmo Caster Pro specification sheet:     

2 infinity broadcast crystals
Power Plate Interface

Force Multiplier Action

Super powerful Chi Source

Environmental Targeting System

Visual Gizmo: This allows you to set up a scanner gizmo that will look for a specific target.

Audio Gizmo: This allows you to set up a scanner gizmo that will listen for a specific target.

Thoughtform scanner Gizmo: This allows you to set up a scanner gizmo that will detect a thought form from a specified target.

The ability to connect to a super powerful Life force generator   

The ability to work on multiple targets at once   

Simple to use   


Response to VoiceCommands   

Able to print multiple setups to form an array   

Ability to work with a number of healing modalities  

Ability to set up psychic defensive shields for multiple targets   

Super powerful healing modes   

Works with powerful sigil packs        

This is not a toy! This is one of the most powerful manifestation tools on the planet.     

Bonus Material:   

Classic Paper Radionics plate.

Shield of God 2.0 Talisman

Power Sigils  

Gizmo Caster Pro (Paper Radionics)

And Now You Can Start to See Amazing Results Too.

Gizmo Castor Pro: I bought Gizmo Caster a few weeks ago, and have been delighted by the results! I have been into radionics for 25 years, and started out with paper radionics, so Gizmo Caster Pro was a gorgeously fun way to expand my repertoire of paper radionics tools. The interface is very easy to use, and very flexible as you can create your own quantum structures to incorporate into the program, making source material as vast as your imagination. Cutting cords with Gizmo Pro was easy, and very effective and powerful. Cloning energies has been a breeze. I would recommend this program to any who are looking for an innovative and fun way to expand their radionics repertoire!

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