12D Omega Shield Power Talisman

12D Omega Shield Power Talisman
For protection

This Radionic a plate combines my own research with virtual reality and integrates it with research of the world-renowned neuroscientist DR. ARMAND R. TANGUAY.  The technology integrates an algorithm that identifies the brain activity and is triggered by any anomalies to normal brainwave activity.

The 12D Omega Shield is a powerful psionic tool, rendering use completely immune to any negative mental conditions including panic, mind control, stuns, and disorientation.

When used in a military setting, the Quantum Holographic Talisman is designed to hold a critical position while under attack. Living an obedient, Spirit-empowered life is what enables us to stand firm. The current day spiritual warrior has more enemies to defend against than in ancient times. There are much more weapons of evil and dark forces trying to destroy the light. As a result, we need weapons and armor to defend against these dark threats. The omega  Shield contains protection from hexes, to ward off evil or demonic forces, dark entities, black magic, voodoo, chaos magic aliens, sorcerer's, warlocks, and witch doctors. This Radionics system is designed to be used in Psychic or spiritual combat. 

This talisman is not to remove demons that are already present. Instead, they are meant to prevent demonic entities from entering into or otherwise influencing a person, home, property, or object. 

The invisible spiritual war is a battle which involves all men and women. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against 

Every person alive is engaged in this battle, whether he realizes it or not. There is no neutral ground. Unbelievers are in bondage to evil and have been taken captive by enemy forces. Though believers have been freed from the enemy through Jesus Christ, they are still engaged in the war for two reasons. All believers wrestle against evil spiritual forces because of his relentless counterattacks as well as to free others from the bondage. "Wrestling" involves close personal contact. No one is exempt from this battle. No one can view it from a distance. The battle never ceases. 

Use the power of the 12D Omega Shield for yourself from the darkness to protect yourself from all forms of negative energy. This is a tool that is designed to shield the warrior to shield his castle and to protect his family.

The shield of the infinite creator is a must-have tool for anyone who ventures into the darkness. 


The Reverend under whom I studied told me this (his exact words):
“All evil that exists and can be vanquished with the sword of God”

Old meets new: I have combined the power of the 12D Omega Shield with my powerful sacred geometry and Radionics technology. This powerful combination infused with a Lifeforce generator and a scare lawyer wave magnetic zero point antenna. Makes this talisman a must-have for any Radionics operator or magician who seeks to tap into the zero point field and manifest True protection from the darkness.

Power and Protection of God

Just imagine, how beautiful it would feel not worrying about the darkness that intersects with so many peoples lives.  This talisman not only protects you but also helps you to pay your karmic debt.  The freedom using this talisman will help you experience freedom and a connection to your higher self.

In other words,  what this means is that this tool not only protects you but helps you to break free from the matrix.


Don't miss this opportunity

This talisman can be used with any Radionics software or paper Radionics device such as Quantum grid prime, Quantum Love, quantum caster or Mega caster.

Read a white paper about this technology online