Quantum Crystal Enchantment (Professional)

Radionics Plate

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Warning this is a powerful Radionic Tool this is not a toy!!!

This product is incredibly powerful

Basic understanding of Radionics is required 

Use the Pro Tool to create magical items that you can resell

Product includes:  3 Digital radionic plate• Instructional Video

-Power from higher dimensions-

This is a powerful tool that allows you to charge crystals.

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. ... Unsurprisingly, researchers have carried out a few conventional studies on crystals. But one conducted back in 2001, concluded that the power of these minerals is “in the eye of the beholder.” Crystals are essentially psionic to the tabs into the belief structure of the user the energy flows where your attention goes. Many people in Western medicine do not believe in the power of the mind or understand it yet they do cling on to the belief of the placebo effect. I have worked many years for a mainstream fortune 500  pharmaceuticals company. Many people in the company explained to me that the placebo effect is just as effective and sometimes more effective than modern day pharmaceuticals. 

As a modern-day Radionic operator in the psionic practitioner, we understand the nature of crystal energy. We are not hindered by modern day science and their lack of understanding of quantum energy inside of this holographic universe. It is a scientific fact that each Crystal has its own vibrational energy structure. Modern day electronics utilizes crystal energy in every circuit and every computer cell phone radio and watch around the world.

Crystals Healing is a powerful restorative system in which precious stones and different stones are utilized to fix sicknesses and ensure against malady. Advocates of this procedure trust that crystals go about as courses for recuperating — permitting positive, Healing vitality to stream into the body as negative, illness-causing vitality streams out. 

Precious stone or crystals and crystals stones have properties that encourage Healing. Numerous locales advancing precious stone Healing affirm that the historical backdrop of this training is Ancient, going back at any rate 6,000 years to the season of the old Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians are additionally referenced on such literature as being among the primary individuals to have enhanced themselves with precious stones — including lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise — to avoid sickness and negative vital energy. 

However, the reasoning of current precious stone Healing depends on conventional ideas acquired from Asian societies, most eminently the Chinese idea of life-vitality (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist idea of chakras, which are vortices of this life-vitality, said to interface the physical and heavenly components of the body. 

In crystals recuperating, stones are doled out different properties, however, healers have various thoughts regarding which stones have which properties. Amethyst, for instance, is accepted by some to be valuable for the digestion tracts; green aventurine enables the heart; to yellow topaz gives mental clearness. Hues red through violet are related to seven chakra focuses on the body. 

Amid a treatment session, a precious stone healer may put different stones or crystals on your body lined up with these chakra focuses, generally in the areas over the head, on the brow, on the throat, on the chest, on the stomach, on the gut, and on the genital territory. The stones utilized and their situating might be picked for the indications announced by the patient. This is altogether affected by the healer's information of, and faith in, the chakra logic of sickness and vitality characteristics. 

Precious stone Healing also includes the utilization of crystals and stones worn on the body or set under cushions to avoid ailment, shed negative vitality or assimilate positive vitality, which is also known as "charms" or "amulets" 

Crystals have been used from ancient times and magical practices as a way of storing energy and projecting it. Modern-day Electronix utilizes quartz crystals and almost every computer system known to man. Through the use of Radionics, we can take different crystal energy's and transfer them to a particular target. 

I have developed the Quantum Crystal Enchantment Radionics plate to allow you a simple easy to use Interface that allows the user to scan the properties of particular crystal energy in transfer it into an object. You can transfer it into a ring in amulet a necklace or even another Crystal the possibilities are endless.

Tap into this powerful tool and unlock the ability to create magical items. 

The Pro version includes three powerful Radionics plates that allow you to mix and match crystal energy and create incredibly powerful magical items.

The business version includes a binding license agreement that unlocks the digital rights management system to give you full resell rights to start your own business. The business version allows you to take these magical items and resell them on eBay, Amazon or to your friends or neighbors. 

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This tool works well with other Psionic Warrior products such as the Quantum Grid or Quantum Grid Prime plus.

This technology his license to the individual user and not to be copied or distributed without the permission of the creator.  The technology also contains a remote off switch which will allow the energy from the talisman to be turned off if the violation of the license agreement occurs. If you need help or are looking for a custom energy image or spell casting please contact me.  

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