Energetic PEOPLE  Neutralizer Talisman


Energy cleansing is not something we do just once. It is an ongoing activity. Because most of us are not educated in good energy maintenance, as we walk through our days we are bombarded with other people’s energy in the form of thoughts or emotions. If we could see all this churning energy that is not being managed but just flung all over the place, it would probably be like walking through a strange metaphysical stew. Your energy body is sticky and things cling to it. If you don’t practice good energy hygiene, you will experience other people’s random energy clinging to you without you knowing it. That energy then affects you, perhaps even changes you, in ways that you aren’t conscious of and haven’t chosen.

The regularity of energy clearing will vary from person to person. Extremely sensitive people or people who haven’t strengthened their boundaries might need a daily practice. Others who have stronger boundaries or whose circumstances help them manage their environmental energy more (such as those who live alone or work from a home office) may only need a weekly or monthly practice of spiritual cleansing. No matter what rhythm of habit you eventually settle on, you may also include unscheduled clearings as needed, such as if you’ve just had a particularly intense experience or have been in a situation that was energetically fraught.

You may have noticed sometimes the healing, the manifestation or the remote influencing doesn't take place if the target is not well balanced. That's when the energetic neutralizer comes into play. Like a wound, first, we have to clean before treating it.
The Energetic Neutralizer should be used on ourselves as-well every day, before any radionic operation, after an argument, bad news received, after work, after the bus. It must be strong and powerful enough that after of using we fell and see the difference!

The energetic People neutralizer neutralizes physical and spiritual energy from a person removes all curses. This takes the person to a perfect place of homeostasis both physically and spiritually.

This is simple to use easy to operate
A must-have for any magician or Radionics operator.

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