Quantum Battle Angel PRO Talisman

Spiritual warfare is a term given to any kind of interaction between good and evil.

Some might call it the battle of light and darkness, or angels versus demons. It's a spiritual battle that's going on all the time, all around us, wherever the presence of God-goodness is coming into contact with anything less than God. Good and evil cannot co-exist. God is everywhere on earth, and evil is, sadly, nearly everywhere in varying degrees.

The dark forces pull out all the stops to trick us out of our good intentions, and it is only by our soul's determination to succeed and by the grace of God's assistance that we can get back on track.

Without your spiritual armor on tight (the light of God sealed around you), it's easy to fall prey to a spiritual attack.

These so-called attacks don't have to be very in-your-face. In fact, they work better when they aren't obvious because you're less likely to do anything about it. Cunning and subtle methods cause us to accept an intrusion into our world as 'the way things are' or 'just part of our personality’.

It's important to recognize when we need to call to God to take care of that negative energy. Praying for discernment is key, as well as just simply practicing.

Spiritual warfare is really one of the greatest blessings we have. We don't have to wallow in the darkness, we can call for spiritual protection from the forces of light and they will fight back and raise us out of whatever negative state of mind or being we are in.

Quantum battle angel talisman is an incredible tool for both protection and the fence it utilizes the principles of advanced martial arts.

Based on the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do and wing Chung it allows the user to both shields in attack simultaneously when in a battle magic confrontation. No longer are you limited to setting up a block and then trying to counter the counterattacked is initiated immediately as soon as the confrontation begins.

Includes a RAD Plate that allows you to shield your family

Remote shield your home and car

All from a simple easy to use Interface

The enemy has changed its tactics and so have we!!!!

Use this shield to:
Protect your family 

Protect your pets

Protect your home

Protect your neighborhood 

Protect your school

Protect your pool

Protect your car

This product includes a Radionics plate designed to disrupt any attacks on yourself or others.

A Radionic talisman that you can carry with you at all times.

An audio Talisman that can be played on an MP3 player computer.

If you are a targeted individual and you were looking for relief this is the product for you. It forms a scalar wave shield using advanced metaphysical technologies. There are many entities in the world putting things in the air in the cell phones in the food that prevent you from accessing your true abilities. They don't want you to have the power that was given to you take it back now.

Package includes:

1 Digital Talisman

1 PDF instructions

1 Power Caster Plate

1 Video Caster

1 Audio Talisman

Instructional video

Target 5 different targets in one operation

Multiple Power Cores

Gizmo castor pro-integration into the Radionic it plate.

Gizmo caster is my latest advancements in Radionics. The gizmo caster allows you to set the shield to scan for negative thought forms that are being sent towards you to scan for if somebody is trying to link their attack to you based off of the following parameters. 

Thought forms


Pictures or photos

Sound or voice

Written signature or name

Once the scanner a detects a hostile an intention the shields are immediately brought up around you and the counter-attack is initiated.

This attack is unique because it does not register karma on you. You can continuously send multiple attacks as your enemies hostile intentions have been an identified five without any karmic retribution.

Special features include:
Target the environment around the target
Auto Timer
Stick plate Tuner

It is time for freedom.

Buy now and free yourself from this holographic bondage!!!!