Quantum Love Resonator

Quantum Love Resonator

For years I have done extensive higher level metaphysical research. I have studied the universal language of Sacred Geometry. This is an advanced language of symmetry harmony in mathematics. From my research, I have unlocked the codes of higher vibrational energy from tapping into this universal consciousness. The quantum love resonator utilizes the quantum equation which was downloaded to me after spending many months inside of a copper pier amid doing daily meditations. From this research, I have created the Quantum Holographic Creation matrix image.

The image instantly charges the mind, body, and soul. Utilizing this image on a daily basis can have profound life-changing effects. The power of this image can be utilized for manifestation, healing, psychic protection.

This is not a toy! This is a very powerful manifestation tool that taps directly into high vibrational frequencies.

The Love Resonator Talisman works well with other Psionic Warrior products such as the Quantum caster, Mega caster, and Quantum Grid or Quantum Grid Prime prime. It also will work with other Radionics software as a filter or trend. This software includes easy rad and cyber shaman just to name a few. You can also use this

with any Radionics box such as a rad five machine, I got the caster or any of Karl Welz devices.