Neo Odin Pro 2.0 Scalar Wave Armor and Shield

Neo Odin Pro 2.0 Scalar Wave Armor and Shield

What is a Digital Talisman?

Power Digital Talisman is a Digital or computer made object which contains certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm. This object is already charged and infused with magical energy that makes it much more powerful. Power Digital Talisman makes it is easier it to attract the universal forces you wish to attract in your life. It is created using the Quantum Equation and powerful scalar wave technology.

Neo Odin Pro 2.0 Scalar Wave Armor and Shield

The 2.0 version has been upgraded with the new vindicator equation making it even more powerful and more effective in protecting and shielding from negative energy

What is the Neo Odin Scalar Wave Armor and Shield Talisman?

This enhance scaler wave Deflector Shield, made out of Pure Energy, that takes the form of sacred geometric shapes. This honeycomb scaler field generator is used to create a sphere-like shape. This is scalar wave technology that separates from their atoms to produce ions, the gas becomes plasma, this is the same effect seen at the core of a lightning bolt.

The Neo Odin Scalar Wave Armor and Shield has an overall spherical shape of hexagons, as they tessellate conveniently well. The deflector shield covers 100 foot diameter in all directions around the user.

The shield is designed to purge out all negative energy or dangerous energy inside of the protective field. The field then energizes the armor. The armor is designed to purge out all negative connections and clear out any negative radiation that could cause any disabling effects.

Shield your body from 50 forms of radiation 10 forms of inter-dimensional attacks

20 forms of alien influence

70 forms of spiritual attack

150 of environmental toxins

All of this technology has been battle tested in real-world scenarios. Including:

Radiation from Telephone, Cell check head, eye, brain

Radiation from Toxins, Sun

Radiation from Ultrasound Radiation from Uranium Ore

Radiation, VLF, to Neutralize (Very Low Frequency) heck specific locations, radiation stores in locations with low vitality and inhibits the functioning and healing process

Radiation, Vulnerability measurement of damage caused Radiation, Water Lines

Radiation from Game Systems

Radicals from free, Hydroxyl, Low higher potential of cancer Radicals, Free, Read
Low with higher potential of cancer Radioactivity

Radionic from Barcode In Products, Neutralize Toxic Effects Radionic from

Interference, Block All Negative

Radionic from Manipulation, Rate To Block & Release All Negative Radionic from Instrument Performance

Radionic from Scalar or Psychotronic Manipulation, Block, Nullify& Dissolve Any Detrimental

Radionic from Scalar or Psychotronic Manipulation, Block, Nullify& Dissolve Any Detrimental

Radionic from Shield From Negative Broadcasts

What is the quantum equation?

QUANTUM Equation

One of the central problems of quantum mechanics is to calculate the energy levels of a system. The energy operator, called the Hamiltonian, abbreviated H, gives you the total energy. Finding the energy levels of a system breaks down to finding the eigenvalues of the problem

In quantum physics, you encounter the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which says that the better you know the position of a particle, the less you know the momentum, and vice versa. One of the key to universal principles that is not mentioned in any textbook is that when you look at a particle the particle looks back.

The Radionic plate contains two layers of protection the first layer is an energetic armor that is tightly bound Close to the body. This armor enhances the aura field of the user protecting it from all forms of negative energy EMF Technology psychotronic and Radionic incoming attacks as well as spiritual attacks. The second layer is a powerful shield that forms an energetic bubble around the user this is the first Barrier of protection that prevents anything from even touching the armor. Combining these two barriers together forms a powerful energetic defense system unlike anything ever developed before. This futuristic technology is here today and is designed to keep you safe in these uncertain times.

The pro plate has protection from dark magic including all of the shields protecting from witches demons inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings voodoo Black magic and negative Illuminati magic. The plate includes eight powerful agents that can be easily deployed for help in completing Radionic operations. The plate is able to Broadcast nine simultaneous Radionic operations from the rate book included in the package.
There is a auto protection mode that protects the user of the armor automatically whenever a threat pops up. There is a DNA Cloke that protects the user from being tracked by their DNA and being targeted by any form of psionic device for individuals with psionic abilities.

The plate also allows you to target specific body parts for protection or extra protection. For example you can specifically shield the head or arms instead of the whole body.

The armor and shield are powered by an array of powerful quantum read prime batteries that are connected to the earth grid.
The plate has five preset Broadcast sigil's that can easily be deployed at will. These sigils include: Super strength, Super Speed, Super healing Remote viewing and Super Charisma.

The armor has the ability to purge out any negative energy inside of the shield for maximum energetic power performance.

This plate has a spell cast mode that allows you to use your own schedules and filters while being in the protective Forcefield of the armor and shield. So you can do all of your magical operations while being fully protected in your safe space.

The spiritual protection of the Shield prevents demonic entities from entering into or otherwise influencing a person.

Sleeping with the shields on gives you an incredibly deep sleep without all of the Energy smog affecting your body. You will wake up feeling refreshed and new your cells and organs will regenerate faster because they are not fighting all of this negative radiation that humans have now become accustomed to.

This Package includes:

Instruction video

1 Digital Talisman

2 Radionics shielding plates

Bonus: Rate Book

Level one plate this is the first plate that is used to set up your armor so that you get used to this energy.

Level two plate this is a more advanced version of the first plate which you will use after a week of wearing the level one armor.

Level III plate which is an advance Radionics broadcast plate which allows you to target multiple individuals enhance the shielding with multiple filters and sigil’s. This tool works great in conjunction with both quantum caster and mega caster.

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