Corporate OverWatch Justice 369

(Real world Battle Magic tools to improve your life)

Warning this is a powerful Radionic Tool this is not a toy!!!

This product is incredibly powerful.
General knowledge of Radionics is required

Imagine having the power to drain evil Corporate entities and transfer the power they have stolen from you back to yourself.

There are many evil institutions, corporations, organizations and associations out there (dictatorships, political parties, lobbyist groups, media corporations, arms manufacturers, monopolies, witches, warlocks, shamans, covens, circles, Satanists, energetic vampires, cults, temples, fake charities, corrupt foundations, criminal organizations, gangs, drug dealers, human traffickers, slavers, porn websites, pedophiles, snuff film producers who feed off the weak, the innocent the working class and the children).

These lowlife sickos feed off those who do not have the tools or the skills to protect themselves. They have preyed drain mankind sucking their energy and corrupting the energetic earth grids nodes with their venom.

The time has come to reclaim this planet and take back what was stolen from us. Those who have fed on the innocent will be weakened and stopped.

We most understand we did not create mathematics we discovered it. The universe is constructed from sacred geometry
vibrations. There is energetic web around this planet Ley lines have been a source of ancient power since the time of the pyramids.

The Dark-side has known about this technology and has kept it from the masses they have corrupted the sacred spaces and use them to manipulate the collective consciousness on this planet. This tool has been designed to be an Interface that allows you to transmute evil energy and refocus it into a more positive intent.

them and feed on them to power up our intent and magical operations and to stay young, healthy and protected.

Quantum overwatch justice is a powerful tool that sucked out energy from the Dark-side. This powerful rad Plate transmutes filters and cleaned before it reaches the recipient. Based on Einstein's principles and Teslas technology the energy cannot be created or destroyed in this universe but it can be transferred and transmuted into powerful beneficial energy. We can then use that energy for a number of Radionics operations.

This tool allows the user to choose an evil target (ex: a porn website) and remotely suck dry its owners and users and contribute to its collapse. The energy can then be transferred or fed directly into the user or a good target of his choice, infused/stored in a crystal, talisman, amulet, etc., or used to fuel an ongoing operation, servitor, etc.

The energy that was stolen from us in the past is now returned. The results of this process are incredible.

Product Includes:

Charging plate-allows you to charge crystals water or any other object that you desire.

Extraction Plate-extracts out energy from corporate tyrants to be transmuted and use for beneficial uses

Allows users to target 4 corporations simultaneously

Please remember utilizing the transfer link technology all of the plates can be linked together simultaneously to work as a single unit for work on multiple operations that have layers of complexity.

No other System has this technology

This tool allows us to fight evil and feed on it without harming innocent people and animals.