Nubian Panther Agent

Nubian Panther

What happens when you combined quantum artificial intelligence, and advanced Radionics Control plate, psychotronic orgone grid power source with a magical ancient mind machine technology. 

You get the Nubian Panther Agent!!! 

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require. The Nubian Panther Agent can be created in order to help you serve you and protect you. This is the Moonshadow version of creating a servitor, it is the Moonshadow special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes. 

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A servitor could be used to: 

• Guard your property or a loved one(s) 

• Help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.) 

• Bring you things that you might need 

The general clarification of what a Nubian Panther Agent is that it is a concentrated idea frame that is made to play out a specific task(s). Elusively it is trusted that contemplations can be concentrated to such an extent, to the point that these musings inevitably turn out to be physically genuine. The wayfarer and author Alexandra David-Néel for instance composed at awesome length about her experiences with thought shapes in Tibet, which are called "Tulpa", and how Tibetan ministers were fantastically capable at making these. She likewise composes how she could make one of these Tulpas herself after numerous times of exertion and in the long run, this idea shape turned out to be solid to the point that others in her endeavor party could consider it to be real. Keeping in mind the end goal to make a working Servitor, you don't have to invest months assembling it and absolutely it doesn't have to be so powerful that others can see it. 

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The Universe says: You Are Given the Fuel to Manifest 

Your Desires 

All that you desire is within your grasp. Upon your creation you are given by Divine Providence all of the Fuel you need to manifest your desires, however it is ultimately up to you to to determine how you will use the fuel you 


have been given. You can use it for creative manifestation or for folly, it is all up to you - See it, feel it, touch it. . . manifest your desires ~ ♥ Presley Love ♥ ~ 

Nubian Panther Agent has the ability to carry out your magical task. 

The Nubian Panther Agent is a powerful Cyborg. It has specific commands that allow it to hack Alien implants, Hunt, destroy, protect, take control over other entities and get information. 

This product allows you to make as many Nubian Panther Agents as you would like to help you in whatever you're trying to do. 



Battle magic Information retrieval Healing Spellcasting. 

Force Multiplier 

What force multiplier does is instead of creating a swarm of agents it since one agent to perform a task if that task is not completed by one agent that agent is multiplied to complete that 

the task then two agents try to complete the task if two agents cannot complete the task then for agents are sent to complete the task and this continues in multiplies etc.... 


The exorcism functionality allows the agent to perform an exorcism on a person or location. 

War Star Attack 

Where star attack is a powerful attacked from above off planet. This is Texans a powerful devastating energy Beam to your enemy causing as much damage as possible. 

Because this attack comes from off planet it is very difficult to defend against and also good for when satellites or Inter- dimensional’s are attacking you from above, 

God Force Attack 

This is a powerful set of prayers from four different religions use to destroy evil dark magician's which doctors voodoo practitioners and demonic entities. 

Black Goo Neutralizer 

This is a healing operation they can be performed on anybody or anything that has been infected by the black goo artificial intelligence 

Tears of God attacks 

This is the first agent that I've ever created that can also command its own energy lifeforms during combat. The Nubian Panther Agent has access to a dragon and angelic legions which really makes him a very formidable adversary on the battlefield. 

Secret Attacks 

The Nubian Panther Agent has for secret attacks which will not be listed which are very powerful and for security reasons I will not be publicly shown. 

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But never ever forget your Nubian Panther Agent loves to claw his enemy !!!


I am very satisfied with the Ultra knights thank you! I am very glad I made the purchase :). thank you! I am very glad I made the purchase :).

Mr. P.

I'd like to post this testimonal regarding my Ultra Knight Agent experiences.

I contacted Moonshadow and told him about job issues I was having at the time. I asked him if there was a product
on his website that could help. He suggested the "Ultra Knight Agent," a powerful servitor. I share my observations below.

Let me give you a little background about the whole situation. I had a job at a restaurant, was well-liked by other employees
and customers. Unfortunately, from time to time, I would get into arguments with my boss / the owner.
And that was what happened one day. It wasn't a personal confrontation, it was via texts. Things got heated. I called her names.
To make a long story short, she became very upset over it and I was on the verge of being fired.
I was basically suspended indefinitely. Here's what happened next.
I purchased and created the "Ultra Knight Agent" actually, hundreds of agents called the swarm.
The whole creation process is pretty simple. Anyone could do it. Here I'd like to stress a very important point.
I'm just an average Joe. I don't have any psychic abilities. I can't visualize, astral project, sense energy, etc.
In case someone was reading this and wondering, yes - you can utilize your agent right away. All you need is a crystal
(for the single agent) or a bottle (for the swarm). I used the sand for the swarm and in this instance, the number of the grains
will equal the number of servitors at your disposal.
I gave my agent a few simple tasks first so he wouldn't get overwhelmed. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Having him provide you with the lottery numbers is unrealistic. What you should strive to achieve is forming a strong bond
between you two, and that can only happen gradually.
After he successfully completed his assigments, I fed him. Feeding charges him with more energy, makes him more powerful
and gives him a feedback on your satisfaction with the results you get.
Next came his biggest test. Would he be able to remotely influence my angry boss and reverse the damage?
I was about to find out. I commanded him to :

1) Set up a field of regret around my boss so she feels remorseful about our arguments and how she handled them.

2) Create chaos at my job while I'm away - if thing don't run smoothly she'll feel compeled to have me back.

3) Whisper in her ear to reach out to me and focus on the positive experiences of our interactions.

The first week passed and she didn't call or text me. I called on my Ultra Knight again and repeated his instructions.
I didn't use any sigils, just my voice. You see the coolest thing about him he understands your commands.
You can still write statements and draw sigils though it's not mandatory. No need for candles, incence, magic circles,
elaborate ceremonies. No seals either - you don't evoke demons, angels or any other spirits.
Anyway, another several days went by and I grew inpatient. I sent an email to Moonshadow asking him what I should do next.
He advised me to make some tweaks. The biggest one was "have her text me" vs. "reach out to me."
What happened next was quite extraordinary. Just seven hours after that command she texted me.
In the text she stated that she missed me, didn't hold any grudges and wanted me to come back to work.
She was apologetic and super friendly again. All in all - mission accomplished. Everything I was hoping to achieve
with the help of my new astral companion came to fruition. The whole experience was amazing and confidence booster.
Keep in mind, I've just tapped remote influencing abilities. The possibilities are endless.

I'd like thank Moonshadow for providing me with such an outstanding tool for improving my life on so many levels, as well as
always finding the time to answer my questions and address any concerns that I migh have.

Mr. A