Psionic Ascension Protocol

The Ascension of the human is the most important thing that can happen in your lifetime.

Ascension is a natural cycle of the Universe and we are in the middle of ascending to higher levels of consciousness.

The process of ascension involves raising the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing the body to absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. The more accurate term for this process is frequency accretion. This process causes the body to become lighter and less dense. Once the body’s frequency reaches a certain level, the body will shed its matter based body and transform into a light-based body. Souls who have reached this state of evolution are often called angels or light beings. We are nowhere near that level yet so don’t get too excited.

It is time for all of us to awaken and unlock are superpowers!!

“The energy transfer that is associated with the galactic alignment in 2018 is responsible for the opening of mother Earth’s natural stargates. This event increases mother Earth’s frequency, allowing her and her inhabitants to ascend. It is believed by certain spiritual teachers that mother Earth’s natural star gates are portals to other realities or higher dimensions. If you are ready for stargate ascension, you will be drawn to certain things that will help you prepare for it. Unfortunately, most of us will not be able to ascend using natural stargates, because we have not prepared our light and physical bodies for ascension. To be able to ascend using natural stargates, we must activate certain portions of our junk DNA and raise our frequencies high enough to handle the frequencies in higher dimensions. If we cannot raise our frequencies in time, we will be unable to ascend using stargates because our bodies will disintegrate if we try to do so.”

You cannot be a puppet in this holographic reality!!

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. When this happens, you may experience some ascension symptoms. ... By working through any Ascension symptoms you can reduce the discomfort and speed up the process of Ascension

1. Intensified Perception

2. Increased Presentness / Timelessness

3. Awareness of “Presence” or an All-Pervading Spiritual Energy

4. Aliveness, Harmony, and Connectedness

5. Inner Quietness

6. Transcendence of Separation / Sense of Connection

7. Empathy and Compassion

8. Well-Being

9. Absence of (or Decreased) Fear of Death

10. Lack of Group Identity

.11. Wide Perspective: A Universal Outlook

12. Heightened Sense of Morality

13. Appreciation and Curiosity

14. Altruism and Engagement

15. Enjoyment of Inactivity: The Ability to “Be”

16. Beyond Accumulation and Attachment / Nonmaterialism

17. Autonomy: Living More Authentically

18. Enhanced, More Authentic Relationships

All of these powers were meant to be yours!!!!

The third eye is the organ that we use every day to see in dreams. It is developed enough in most people so that they can see clearly in dreams, visions, and nightmares. The third eye is shut down by the connection between the astral body and the physical body during the day. This connecting circuit, the dream censor circuit, blocks incoming data from the astral body while the mind is awake in the physical world. As a result, most people forget their dreams, visions, and nightmares upon waking. 

Psionic Ascension Protocol is an advanced scaler wave Radionics device designed to send programs energy to your mind body and soul that upgrades your entire being. The energy stimulates all of your organs doing DNA and stem cell repair throughout your body. It activates your light body in a simple way that is not a shock to your system.

To prevent us from ascending, the leaders of the New World Order (NWO) are ordering their minions to poison our food and water with toxic substances. They are also trying to lower the frequency of our planet by destroying her environment and harming her energy grid. By poisoning our body and destroying our planet, they believe they can prevent our frequency from rising to the required level for ascension. If they fail to do those things, then it is game over for them. This is why the leaders of the NWO and their masters (demons) are speeding up their diabolical plans.

The ascension process will enable wake to up numerous individuals who are still profoundly sleeping. Once these individuals wake up, they will understand that they have been subjugated by the Dark Forces. Moreover, they will end up mindful that the majority of their perspectives of reality have been built by the Dark Forces. When they understand those things, their bias perspectives of different societies will rapidly vanish, making it a considerable measure less demanding for humankind to accomplish world peace.

Now You Can Start to See Amazing Results Too.

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