TetraGramitron Shield

Dark Magicians Beware

What happens when you take the most powerful Protection spells on the planet combined them with the most powerful talismans known to man then integrate them together with the most powerful energetic mathematical equation. You get the TetraGramitron Shield.

The power to Protect the power with universal energies that have been untapped for thousands of years.

The TetraGramitron  Shield is the strongest shield and energy Protection that I have created. This shield was developed with the assistance of 2 of my top students in the inner circle. Combined with some of his research the newly expanded vindicator equation a powerful amplification technology to power it five core energy centers that were remote viewed by one of United States government's top remote viewers who are worked on numerous classified projects.  It is designed to be the ultimate Protection.

The enemy has been getting strong so we have to get stronger,

This shield has been designed to be easy to use easy to activate,

You can use the shield to protect both yourself and your family.

It includes a RAD Plate for remote Protection.

Use this shield to:
Protect yourself
Protect your family
Protect your pets