The Booty Whisper (Hypnotic Command Plates)

What happens when you combine a reality hacking operating system with a powerful Radionics broadcasting plate that integrates hypnotic brainwave entrainment powered by a sacred geometry Core energy so that is linked to a quantum equation. And amplified by six powerful energetic servitors or agents that obey your every command.

You get booty whisper hypnotic command plate.

The powerful tool is the next evolution of cutting-edge personal Radionics devices.   

It is taken me over 32 years of research trial and error in order to create this product.   For years I have been developing the quantum love talismans. I studied a number of esoteric sciences are including voodoo mind controlled chaos magic sigil magic.   I have done extensive Sacred Geometry research making one of the most powerful paper chi generators on the planet. This is to date the most powerful paper radionics device that I have ever created.

The combination of scalar wave technology with Hypnotic entrainment allows this Radionics plate to achieve incredible results.

In this fast pace social media generation sometimes you need an extra edge in order to get noticed in the area of romance. This tool gives you the fire to spark the flame of love and romance in finding the perfect partner in a relationship. 

When pursuing a partner it's very important to KEEP HER SATISFIED

The feelings of passionate, obsessive love, of being in love or infatuated, as well as elation, heightened energy, focused attention, obsessive thinking, and intense craving when she can’t stop thinking about you, is all related to the brains elevated production of the chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. All these hormones are released during great passionate sex.

Dopamine is the fundamental neurotransmitter associated with romantic love.

This product includes the following:

Powerful next-generation servitor or agent creation tool

This tool has been updated from previous generations allowing you to create six unique agents in five minutes.

The creation tool has been set up to be fast and efficient the interface has been simplified so that the user can quickly create their agents and then move on to the task at hand.

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Remember that we live in a holographic universe and you are created in the image of your creator.

So you are a god-like being with infinite potential

Learn these techniques and they can also be applied in other ways.

Just by sending simple sexual energy to a target will make them like you more.

This will help you just have a lot of female friends

Also in this package is an audio seduction frequency that will enhance the Radionics operation. Play this frequency while you are doing the operation.

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