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Universal Creator 2.0 

Connect with God like Energy 

I have done extensive research in Sacred Geometry radionics psionic energy healing and reality hacking. From this research, I have created The Universal Creator Talisman 2.0. This is truly one of the most powerful images that I have ever created. The Universal Creator Talisman  2.0 instantly charges the mind, body, and soul with a higher vibrational energy. The power of this image can be utilized for manifestation, healing, and protection. This is not a toy! This is a powerful manifestation tool. 

All existence is energy and energy is inherently vibrational, it follows that everything in existence is vibrating at one rate or another. In the case of human beings, we are informed about where or how we are vibrating through our emotions. Emotions are a primordial tool in recognizing what feels good and what does not as you interact with the physical world. Your Spirit Self uses emotions as a guidance system while you navigate through the physical. Emotions are precursors to choice and decision- making. They are therefore not only necessary but crucial to your spiritual and creative evolution. Additionally, emotions are the tools by which you are able to “purge” the detrimental energies being accumulated or stored in your physical body and transmute them into beneficial thought forms. 

When we have emotions that feel good, we are vibrating at a high rate, in the flow of life, aligned with Source Energy. When we experience emotions that make us feel stuck, limited, fearful etc., we are vibrating at a low rate or outside the natural flow of Source. Therefore, raising and aligning our vibration with that of Source is the way by which we can restore our balance and wellbeing. And according to the universal laws of attraction and reflectivity, we will attract and manifest our vibrational match. And so, if we are vibrating in a place of fear, anger or guilt, we will attract and manifest like individuals and circumstances that are vibrating in fear, anger or guilt. Similarly, if we are vibrating in a place of joy, love, and freedom, we will also manifest our vibrational match. 

There are many techniques or modalities to restore such alignment. I use the simplest one is the of use of The Universal Creator Talisman  2.0 Energy. What we call Universal Energy is a particular universal frequency range that emanates from the center of our Local Universe. It is the energy of the universe (not planetary or galactic) that holds, through gravitational forces, all other energies or life forms contained within this universe together. It can be likened to the heart or brain source from which all life springs, including our own original essence. It is, therefore, the most potent, complete, multi-dimensional energy form in existence. Its effect on our physical body and health or on our human mind and awakening will also be potent, complete and multi-dimensional. Why work with any other energy form than the one that holds all of the existence together? Since all intelligent beings – including us humans – are made of Source Energy in one aspect or another, by simply invoking this unique frequency, we can restore immediate wellbeing and balance within our physical being. If we continuously invoke such presence, we can then has : maintain our alignment and eventually manifest all that we desire effortlessly and joyfully. Could it be so simple? Yes!

No matter what your condition, struggle or belief system may be, you are the embodiment of Source Energy or this Source Energy is within you. In other words, you are Source and made with the Source fabric. As such, when in physical form, it is your birthright so to speak, to reestablish your conscious DNA link with your spirit parent: Source Energy. In my practice, I work with individuals suffering from all sorts of “illnesses” or disabilities ranging from emotional traumas, phobias to brain injury and paralysis. Regardless of the severity of the condition, all – without exception – are capable of aligning with Source Energy and experiencing immediate peace, joy and divine love. This state of connection and blending with Source Energy is achieved in less than 10 using The Universal Creator Talisman  2.0 

The Universal Creator Talisman 2.0 allows you to spontaneously raise your vibration, merge with your Higher Consciousness and align your mind channels properly in order to receive higher guidance. This process is also the base of awakening to who you really are, a universal being in human form. Other tools that I use include the Universal Creator Audio Talisman, Universal Creator Video Talisman Universal Creator power pyramid and the Universal Creator charging plate the that are based on the same principles and allow a fast (1 to 5mn) realignment of your cells with Source frequency. My most recent creation, The Universal Creator Talisman  2.0 has proven to trigger quite profound experiences ranging from deep relaxation and mind quieting to powerful divine connections and consciousness expansion raising and maintaining a higher vibration for manifesting a balanced, healthy and a meaningful experience in human form. 

The Universal Creator Talisman  2.0 has:

Built-in Voice Commands 

Built in Targeting system 

Package includes: 

Advanced Power Manifestation Plate 

Improved Video Talisman 

Enhanced Digital Talisman 

Extreme Audio Talisman 

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