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PSIonic Magnetron Manifestation Tool

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours Mark 11:24

Throughout history, humans have explored the connection between mind and manifesting desires. In the United States, the most common form of this is prayer. This consists of a presumed mind-to-mind communication between a person and a greater intelligence, such as the idea of God. In so-called "pagan" traditions of Western Europe, magical thinking filled this role. Though very similar to modern-day prayer from a believer to a deity, it usually offered more channels of communication and stressed ritualistic symbolism. That ceremonial approach relied more on particular symbols to access particular needs, and still often seems shrouded in mystery simply because so many variables were accepted. But ultimately, the same thread runs through all these methods--the mind tapping into the beyond.

IMAGINE a machine that could make all your wishes come true. But what is a machine?

Is a machine a box with knobs, made of metal nuts and bolts? Or is a machine simply any tool that allows your mind to interface with reality more,
easily? We will explore the mi and machines. And then you will be ready to unlock the secret mind machine.

Let us begin with the meaning of symbols . . .

The Magnetron was, and is, a device used to propagate microwaves of a certain series of frequencies. It was invented during the Second World War as part of an aircraft radar system and, in essence, is a large, cylindrical copper block with holes and vanes cut in it. This shape does something to the microwaves which is totally mysterious to everyone who does not make a living working with such stuff and for our purposes totally irrelevant except that it is good to know where some of these names come from.

An early type of magnetron was imagined by H. Gerdien in 1910. Another type of magnetron tube, the split-anode magnetron, was created by Albert Hull of General Electric Research Laboratory in 1920, yet it just accomplished frequencies of 30 kHz. Similar gadgets were explored different avenues regarding by numerous groups through the 1930s. Hans Erich Hollmann documented a patent on an outline like the advanced tube in 1935, yet the more steady klystron was favored for most German radars amid World War II.

A vital progress was the multi-cavity magnetron, first proposed in 1934 by A.L. Samuel of Bell Telephone Laboratories. In any case, the primary genuinely effective design was created by Alekseev and Malakoff in Russia in 1936, which accomplished 300 watts at 3 GHz. The tube was fundamentally enhanced by John Randall and Harry Boot in 1940 at the University of Birmingham, England.

They imagined a valve that could deliver multi-kilowatt beats at 10 cm wavelength, an exceptional discovery.
In the post-war period, the magnetron turned out to be less broadly utilized as a part of the radar part. This was on account of the magnetron's yield changes from heartbeat to beat, both in recurrence and stage. This makes the flag unacceptable for beat-to-beat examinations, which is generally utilized for distinguishing and expelling "mess" from the radar display. The magnetron stays being used in a few radars, however, has turned out to be substantially more typical as an ease microwave hotspot for microwave broilers. In this frame, around one billion magnetrons are being used today.

In the 1950s, a pair of French radisthesists, the Servanx brothers, had an inspiration, something rather rare in France. They looked at the cross-section of the magnetron and wondered if it would do anything with a pendulum. Well, to their joy, amazement, they learned that the pattern of the magnetron would act as a psionic amplifier.

From there it passed to the inventive hands of Christopher Hills, who while a bit of a nut (as most of us in this field tend to be) figured that if he added magnets around the outer circles he could boost the power of the pattern. That discovery of his, when uncle Chuckie learned of it, became the innards of his Psionic Amplifying Helmet. I started experimenting with the magnetron back in the 1990s. I was amazed by how powerful this simple shape was in manifesting in transmitting thought forms. Over the past 20 years, I have experimented and tested a number of designs utilizing this unique geometry. I have combined a number of other sacred geometry thought forms in order to create a powerful manifestation system.

The Egyptians and the Freemasons have known about this effect for years, but current research has indicated that it creates a high-frequency response in the viewer's brain, as the left and right hemispheres
come into synchronization. This is conducive to effective manifestation.

The mind machine that I have created is a work of many years of diligent trial and error. Working with a number of powerful energetic tools I have developed the PSIonic Magnetron Manifestation tool. A great degree of heart, cognizance, physical time, ingenuity, & love goes into making this mind machine to be used by people to take full advantage from it, till such a time as they are able to carry out its functions for themselves. It is like forging a Samurai sword that is painstakingly hardened & shaped with unusual love & strength from its maker that is a physical representation of the integrity and honor of its engineer.

For instance, each shape and sacred geometry frequency and Radionic a great is painstakingly researched and checked. This is for keeping the subtle energies inside this mind machine, this keeps all of the subtle energies unpolluted & all negative intentions are shielded from this technology.

Old meets New

If you were looking for a tool to help you manifest your desires inside of this holographic reality this is the tool for you. The PSIonic Magnetron Manifestation tool is powerful and gets the results that you want quickly and easily. It is built on a proven design that has worked for centuries but is now been updated with the latest Radionics and sciatic research.
This powerful tool helps you to unlock secrets of Quantum Physics, Mind Secrets, Psychic Powers, Real Magic, Astrology, Wealth Creation, Miracle Healing, The Meaning of Life...

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