Travel Protection Talisman

Those who are in the know understand that the battle between good and evil is real. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones in our homes is only one piece of the puzzle. We also must protect ourselves as we travel and explore outside of our households.
The ability to be protected when you travel by land sea and air by car or plane bike or even walking is so important. Dark forces are all around us they are tricksters trying to interfere with our lives.

The traveler protection talisman was developed most recently due to the number of clients that were reporting energetic attacked as they traveled outside of their home in their cars on buses on bicycles and even as they walk down the street. Energetic a tax on vehicles I've recently started to rise in order to combat this I have developed the travel protection talisman. 

1. Traveler’s Prayer
The Traveler’s prayer (Tefilat HaDerech in Hebrew) is a traditional Jewish prayer recited at the beginning of a trip for a safe journey.

2. Moonstone 
Moonstone, a member of the feldspar group, is associated with much folklore. including attracting passionate love, aid in gardening, balancing emotions, and providing travel protection, especially on water and at night. All useful things to get help with for sure! 

3. Runes
Runes are characters, often thought to have magical powers, from several different alphabets that were used by Germanic people around the 3rd – 13th centuries. Raidho, symbolizing the journey of Life, means of transportation, street smarts, travel, movement; and Elhaz, symbolizing protection, safety. 

4. Our Lady of Loretto
Our Lady of Loretto is the Patroness of air passengers and auspicious travel.

5. Malachite
Malachite is a green copper carbonate said to help the wearer be comfortable in changing situations, assist with releasing negative experiences, and provide protection from accidents, especially in air travel.

6. Amber
Amber, fossilized pine tree sap from millions of years ago, was carried by travelers for protection in ancient times. Today, Amber is more known for clearing negative energy, and anybody who has been at an airport lately knows what a valuable property that can be!

7. Hermes
No, not the fancy brand with the orange boxes. This time, we’re talking about the ancient Greek god of of roads and travel. Hermes had a lot on his plate, and among his numerous duties was being the patron god and protector of all travelers. 

8. St Christopher
St. Christopher has long been considered a protector of travelers and is carried by Catholics (and others) all over the world.

In addition, I have included 12 powerful prayers from different religions from around the world that are all combined together inside of this talisman. 

This talisman is pre-charged using an array of powerful Radionics chi generators.

The travel protection talisman is a must have tool for any arsenal for anyone who is experiencing the negative energetic phenomenon. 

Safety is key and so important.

Use this Radionic talisman to:

Protect your family 
Protect your pets
Protect your car

This product includes a Radionic talisman that you can carry with you at all times.

If you are a targeted individual and you were looking for relief this is the product for you. It forms a scalar wave shield using advanced metaphysical technologies. They don't want you to have the power that was given to you take it back now.

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