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Quantum Implant Neutralizer Pro

Product includes:  

• Digital Casting Plate 

• Instructional Video

• Become Hidden from your enemies talisman

How Entities Get In

There are various ways of getting entities, and various activities and lifestyle choices that predispose you to them. There are also places that teem with entities and people who can transmit them to you, so be careful where you go and with whom you mix!

Holes in the Aura

This is the most common way for entities to get in. An intact aura will protect you quite well against entities. The only problem is very few people have an intact aura. You develop holes in your aura if, for example, you had surgery. When an incision into your skin is made, the energy field is opened up as well and entities can get in. This is aggravated by the fact that hospitals are among the worst places to be with an open aura because many earthbound spirits, spirits of the recently deceased and entities are hanging around in hospitals! And secondly, unconsciousness makes you prone to possession by entities - both these factors usually come together during surgery in a hospital. So, if you ever had surgery you probably have entities.

Soul Loss

You can also get holes in the aura because you had a soul loss. This is a shamanic term for losing a part of yourself, part of your spirit soul because of great trauma or a prolonged period of suffering and unhappiness. When you lose a piece of your soul it leaves a big hole in your aura. This type of hole cannot be closed by mere aura healing, Reiki or crystal healing. For it to be permanently closed the missing soul piece has to be retrieved and reinstalled by an experienced shaman. This procedure is called soul retrieval.

In terms of entities this means, if you lost a loved one (whether a beloved human or a beloved pet) and never got over it, if you had a traumatic accident or any other great loss or trauma or period of prolonged unhappiness you can be sure that you have holes in your aura caused by soul loss, and, you can be quite sure that you have entities as well! In these cases it is not enough to just remove all the entities, the soul loss needs to be fixed by a proper soul retrieval, or you soon will attract new entities that plague you!


The use of drugs or alcohol also creates holes in the aura! This means if you have ever been drunk, even once in your whole life, if you have ever smoked marijuana or taken any other drugs, even once, you are prone to have entities. Alcoholics and drug addicts usually have an aura that resembles Swiss cheese and tends to have more entities than a flea-ridden dog has fleas! Having close contact with substance abusers can expose you to their entities as well.

And there are various other causes for holes in the aura as well, such as physical injury and trauma, emotional problems, or insufficiently developed chakras. Sometimes a person's energy body can already be incomplete or damaged from birth, for example, if they had a big trauma in a past life. In the end, any kind of weakness in the aura will expose you to entities. I have yet to see a person with a completely intact energy body.


Whenever you are unconscious you do not inhabit your body. It doesn't matter whether this unconsciousness was caused by anesthesia, the use of drugs, or by fainting from low blood pressure. Whenever you are out, other things can get in. A person who is drunk or on drugs may not be fully unconscious, but they are still "out of it" and that is enough to open them up to entities. If you have ever been unconscious you are likely to have entities.

Close Contact

During intercourse of lower nature entities are being transferred. When your Muladhara chakra (a.k.a. base chakra) is linked to the Muladhara chakra of another, as happens during intercourse, entities have a free-way into your body! If the one you are sleeping with is an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a negative man/woman who is full of entities, or worst of all, a vampire, you can be sure that you will pick up many entities! Even if your partner appears to be nice, but in their mind, they are only thinking of themselves, basically using you for their gratification, they will still transfer entities to you. The only way to make sure that you are not picking up entities during intercourse is to only have sacred sex. Sacred sex is when the man sees the Goddess in the woman and she sees God in him. If this is one-sided it will not work  So choose your sex partners carefully for you may catch more than diseases by sleeping with the wrong partner, and a condom is not going to protect you from entities! 

Using Quantum into the removal tool sexually transmitted entities can be removed from the lower chakras. This is part of the clearing work necessary to build a healthy energy body and healthy relationships.

People with serious entity problems can sometimes be so negative that mere contact with them is enough to transfer entities to you! In some cases just having them in your house will do it! Like lice, entities like to jump to a fresh source of energy from time to time. And if you are open at that moment, because you had a few glasses of wine, or recently had surgery, or simply because you have holes in your energy field, some of their entities may jump over!

Crowds enable entities to jump over to new hosts with ease. Have you ever been in a crowd and come home with a terrible headache, even though you are not normally prone to headaches? If so you probably picked something up in the crowd. It is generally a good procedure to take a shower, put on new clothes and do psychic cleansing such as smudging whenever you come home after having been in contact with many people or in a crowd. 


Entities and demons can also be sent to a person by sorcery (commonly known as "black magic"). When entities are sent by a sorcerer they are much more persistent than ordinary entities which are basically just opportunists. Let me explain: if you are in an area where there are entities, and they see you as an easy victim because your energy field is wide open, or because you happen to be drunk, they may get into you. If on the other hand, you are well-shielded, with an intact aura and totally sober and in possession of yourself, the entities are not likely to go for you. They will look for an easier victim. Even a lion will hunt the weakest animal in the herd. If however somebody has cursed or hexed you, the entities will throw themselves at you constantly until they get through your defenses and break through your intact aura or shields. Even the strongest protection will break down eventually under such onslaught. I had times when hundreds of entities were throwing themselves against the warding of my living room, virtually bashing in their heads in the desperate attempt to get in! Those were sent by the sorcery of course. If somebody sends you entities by sorcery you will need an experienced shaman/witch/magician who knows how to deal with sorcery to sort that problem out for you!

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The Favorite Haunts of Entities

There are certain places that entities favor, sometimes because of the nature of the place, sometimes because there they are likely to find food -- that is suitable hosts. Places that have a lot of stagnant energy and very low vibration are favored by entities. If your house is messy, dark and dank, entities will feel at home in it! So keep your place clean and tidy! Likewise, the cemetery, with its energy of decay and death attracts entities. Entities can feed on extreme emotions, usually negative emotions such as grief and despair, of which there is plenty at the cemetery!

Pubs, where people get drunk and open their aura up to entities, are also among the favorite haunts of the astral critters! So are places where people take drugs regularly, and of course the homes of drug addicts. Mental institutions are another favorite place of entities. Many of the patients there are full of entities themselves, and the drugs they are being given open them up to entities even more. If you are working in such a place -- as a friend of mine does -- you need to shield yourself and do the daily cleansing or you will be affected. Hospitals, as mentioned above, are also places where there is an atmosphere of disease, despair, and death combined with heavy use of anesthetics which makes them a very favorable environment for entities. Finally, places, where dark rites have taken place, will attract entities as well. Of course, you may not be able to avoid all these places at all times, but you can take good care when you have to go there.

How to Get Rid of Entities

It is well known among shamans that the first part of shamanic work is to get rid of all one's entities. There is no point in seeking empowerment while you are full of entities. Because entities will hinder you on every turn from coming into your power and will try everything to lead you astray. You need a “psychic detox” before you can build up your inner strength, your power as a shaman or as a magician. And that psychic detox is getting rid of entities. Unfortunately getting rid of entities is a lot more difficult than getting rid of intestinal parasites. A one time dose won’t do it! To become completely clear of entities usually takes a year or longer with traditional methods. There are ways to speed it up, medicine ceremonies for instance, and if you do your share it will be ever so much faster. But you have to understand that getting rid of entities takes more than a one-time healing session – even though a lot can be accomplished in just one session. And, that once you are clear you yourself will have to take responsibility to stay clear!

The reason why entities can rarely be removed in one session is that they are embedded in different layers of your aura and subconscious. I am using a special technique that is very effective in extracting entities and major demons even from deep layers of the client's aura and being. 

The Quantum Implant Neutralizer uses techniques I learned from an authentic shaman and next evolution Radionics spiritual combat technologies.  

What different types of implants? 

- physical implants 

- etheric implants - (found in auric layers) 

What is the purpose of implants? 

- for the most part to piece one's capacities (instinct/clairvoyant)  - meddle with the stream of vitality in the body and in addition atmosphere 

- control/control purposes 

- observation, following 

- rattle one, crippling one physically and rationally 

- make irregular conduct, nervousness, fear, gloom, outrage 

- drain the safe framework 

- create sicknesses, fatal illnesses, heart assaults 

- create the change of cells bringing about a malady 

Due to the multiple types and presence of etheric implants in multiple areas of the energy body, the sorts of symptoms created by them are wide-ranging – again all to do with the beliefs each individual has about them. In addition, there are a great many other influences on your physical, emotional and mental Selves such as electromagnetic radiation, drugs/food, other people’s and your own thoughts and feelings, etc.

In this respect, implants are not the only cause of suffering. Though there can be a sudden and strong change after implants and their beliefs are removed, working on other energy blocks and the beliefs that caused them is what is usually needed to completely solve a particular complaint.

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Here is a brief list of typical symptoms that others have reported and that you may experience with etheric implants, but please note that many of these types of symptoms are mostly caused by things other than implants:

Feeling not true to their Self

Feeling low on energy, no matter how much rest/sleep/food is had

Feeling lost, confused, held back

Cluttered and negative thoughts and feelings

Feeling like sabotaging their Selves every time a possible way to create positive change comes around

Being unable to quit an addiction Chronic symptoms of disease that no doctor is able to fully diagnose Fear of moving forward in life

Being unable to voice themselves and stand in their power against injustices to their Selves and the world

Feeling useless, powerless, unmotivated

Constant nightmares that don’t seem to go away

Trouble connecting to the higher self

Feeling like certain people and situations always ‘push their buttons’ without any logical reason

Not being able to receive full benefits of healings/therapies from others

Lack of compassion/understanding/acceptance for others and Self

Being constantly judge-mental of Self, others, and situations

Trouble focussing and meditating no matter how much time and effort is put in

Trouble reaching higher levels of existence whilst astral traveling

Frequent illnesses Feeling hypersensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and other electromagnetic stimuli

Lots of negative thoughts about people and situations despite there being no real reason for them

Being unable to release deep hurt and judgments

Feeling unconnected to nature

Feeling unsure about life’s purpose

Hearing disturbing voices in their head

Feeling weak or unprotected from psychic attack

Please be aware that implant removal is not usually a quick fix. Etheric implants and the beliefs surrounding them are certainly not the only reason you may be suffering from certain complaints.

In fact, most people have multiple reasons for each complaint including, beliefs, judgments, stuck thoughts and emotions from this and other lives for example. Sometimes implant removal is enough for a complete resolution but most often this is not the case. As such I recommend further healing and spiritual/consciousness exercises as needed.

What is certain however is that removing implants removes one of many brakes that limit you from moving forwards and therefore helps in quickening the resolution of all other problems. 

Here are some of many examples of how people have felt Etheric Quantum Implant Neutralizer

Implant Removal has benefitted them:

• Feeling more connected to the higher self

• Being able to calm thoughts more easily and meditate more deeply

• Being able to leave the body more easily and/or go to higher realms of existence

• Feeling more centered and present in the body

 • Cessation or decrease of pain and other symptoms of the disease

• Making decisions more easily

• Feeling more able to stand in their power and being true to Self-more

• Feeling more energized and that energy flows more easily through the body

• Being able to give up addictions such as smoking and drink more easily

• Cessation of nightmares and/or much happier/clearer dreams

• Feeling motivated and able to make changes and move forward in life

• Elevated mood

• Easing or cessation of depression and other mental disorders

• Increased feelings of love and compassion

• Partner/friend/family relationship issues being less of a problem

• Situations and people no longer “triggering” them

• Being less judgemental

• Increased effectiveness of other healing and empowering techniques

• Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and other psychic abilities start to appear or become clearer

• Feeling more protected from psychic attack, low vibrational energies from technology/geopathic stress and thoughts/feelings of others

• Not needing to use medications anymore

• DNA and other energetic activations working more deeply and effectively than before

• Feeling more connected to nature, the planet and other people

• Feeling much happier and content with all things in life

• Feeling like they are clearer on what their life’s purpose is

• Being able to ‘fix’ problems in life more easily

• Psychic protection is easier to put up and is stronger

• Interfering negative voices cease

• Performing less self-sabotaging actions

Individuals who are most likely embedded are individuals who work(ed) for any administration, military, clairvoyants and their families, healers, gifters, promoters, supplication warriors.

Many individuals have embeds in their ears and head territory. Other ears implants will make issues in the heart, pericardium meridian and the circulatory framework all in all. Many individuals I chipped away at had their feet charkas blocked, feet being loaded with poisons and etheric poisons. It is critical to ground yourself as much as you can.

Quantum implant removal comes with a grounding sigil.

Quantum Implant Neutralizer is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* neutralize and remove the unwanted energy implants form physical and subtle bodies

* protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations

* ground spiritual energies 

* strengthen and repair aura after implant neutralizing

* cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving energies

* increase well-being

* protect against and eliminate psychic attack

* speed up the healing process

Quantum Implant Neutralizer

Finding, impairing and evacuating implants 

A few implants will leave marks, so look for unexplainable cuts, wounds, spots. Neodymium - solid earth magnets typically cripple some of the physical implants, however not numerous kinds. Quantum Implant Neutralizer takes a shot at inconspicuous levels killing etheric and physical implants, accelerating recuperating of openings in your emanation. 

Evacuating implants it's not an exceptionally confusing system, but rather it is essential to find the implants first. Utilize your instinct or some other capacity to find those implants. Individuals who are insightful will see them with their inner being's, antennas will feel them, natural will "simply know" where they are, clairaudients will hear the areas. Dowse, utilize muscle testing whatever technique you know and works for you to help scan for implants.

Quantum Implant Neutralizer 2.0

This product includes:
Radionics plate
Instructional Video
Become Hidden from your enemies talisman

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This tool works well with other Psionic Warrior products such as the corporate overwatch, and Quantum Grid or Quantum Grid Prime prime. It also will work with other Radionics software as a filter or trend. This includes the number of software ’s such as easy rad and cyber shaman just to name a few. You can also use this with any Radionics box such as a rad five machine, Godcaster or any of Karl Welz devices. 

This technology his license to the individual user and not to be copied or distributed without the permission of the creator.  The technology also contains a remote off switch which will allow the energy from the talisman to be turned off if the violation of the license agreement occurs. If you need help or are looking for a custom energy image or spell casting please contact me.  

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