Inner Shield

Inner Shield is a powerful internal organ energizer tool for supercharging internal organs of our bodies and releasing store negative emotions. It nourishes vital organs with positive energy to help keep them charged so they can function smoothly.

When this energy is applied to the abdomen; the energy is used to stimulate and manipulate muscles and connective tissue, organs stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, uterus, kidneys and lungs and systems lymphatic, circulatory and nervous located in the abdomen. It is like having an Internal organ massage. Internal shield energizer releases regional stress and tension, prevent stagnation of blood, improve the flow of energy into the abdominal region, allow detoxification and enhance the immune system.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said the lungs store grief, the kidneys fear, liver stores anger, the heart stores hatred and impatience and the spleen stores worry and anxiety.
Inner Shield organ energizer clears the internal organs of any negative emotions and physical toxins. It stimulates physical relaxation and the self- healing response within the body and leaves one feeling a deep sense of peace, which carries over into daily life. 

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Previously it would take many years of internal meditation in order to achieve what the Inner Shield does in minutes. Happy organs are healthy organs when you can smile from the inside out it resonates in reflects in all aspects of your life.

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