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Warning This product is extremely powerful 

7 Chambers of Kings Pro is powered by Quantum Grid Prime 2.0

According to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, instantaneous action at a distance violates the relativistic upper limit on the speed of propagation of information. ... Matter warps the geometry of space-time, and these effects areas with electric and magnetic fields—propagated at the speed of light.

In the field of metaphysics, the ability to bi-locate and send your consciousness to a different location throughout the universe is a very powerful ability.

Bilocation is an alleged psychic or miraculous ability wherein an individual or object is located (or appears to be located) in two distinct places at the same time.

The concept has been used in a wide range of historical and philosophical systems, ranging from early Greek philosophy to modern religious stories, occultism, and magic.

During a very intense remote viewing session with one of my clients, I recently discovered seven locations in the galaxy for expanding consciousness tapping into energies the 7 Chambers of Kings. Each of these Chambers has an incredible metaphysical enhancing effect.

Energizing, Love, Serenity, Courage, Wisdom, Happiness, Strength and Joy purifying all connections with source energy.

Now you don't have to be an experience remote viewer or Astro projector in order to visit these chambers and obtain the benefits of these powerful galactic energy centers.

Utilizing the seven chambers of kings system and modern Radionics your consciousness is expanded. And transported to each one of these seven Chambers to be charged an amplified with this beneficial energy.

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Consciousness (Or Awareness) Creates and Directs Everything.

Psychics who use these Chambers in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than they would have otherwise, sessions, clearing psychic passages which may have become blocked.

The Chambers is a geometric amplifier which increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devotee. 

The use of a Chambers in meditation can accelerate the process of bringing feelings of calmness, wellbeing and a more open and positive attitude. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.

Verbal and written testimonials, among experienced and non-experienced Chambers users throughout the world, have reported that the Chambers shows the following reactions.

Smoothing the Digest system

The chambers stimulate the stomach to be calm just like health benefits of fruits, of which contains fiber. By using the 7 chambers of kings system, the digestion disorder can be prevented because the food absorbs process inside the stomach will be done optimally since the stomach is being on a calm and relax mode.

Insomnia Healing 

People doing meditation while using the 7 Chambers of Kings regularly will get rid of insomnia. If you do use it regularly, you will easily get sleeping and have a calm and peaceful mind.


When you do meditation using the 7 Chambers of Kings, you release out stress. The system makes you have such good breathing and as a result, the more stressful hormone will be released. If you are stress-free, then you will get rid of aging skin cells, wrinkle and make your blood flow becomes smooth so that you look fresh, happy and feeling young.

Concentration Improvement 

For those who forget about everything, meditation using the 7 Chambers of Kings can help you to increase the memory and concentration ability.

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Other Benefits
1.A sense of weightlessness.
2. Electric-like tingling sensations.
3. Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
4. Tranquility, relaxation, and freedom from tensions.
5. Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
6. External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away.
7. Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails.
8. Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels.

The pro version helps activate the crown chakra and open the 3rd eye.

Product includes:

Digital Talisman

Instructional PDF

Instructional video

Pro version includes:

Seven chambers of kings visualization video

Digital Talisman

Radionics plate

Video Caster

Secret Master Chamber

Third eye Accelerator

Crown chakra Accelerator

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7 Chambers of Kings Pro is powered by Quantum Grid Prime 2.0

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