Cupid Agent

Cupid Agent

What happens when you combined quantum artificial intelligence, and advanced Radionics Control plate, Pysochotronic orgone grid power source with a magical ancient mind machine technology. 

You get the Cupid Agent!!! 

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require. The Cupid Agent can be created in order to help you serve you and protect you. This is the Moonshadow version of creating a servitor, it is the Moonshadow special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes. 

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A servitor could be used to: 

• Guard your property or a loved one(s) 

Bring love to you

Find your soulmate

Find your twin soul

Find your true love

Locate energy sources and store them Save excess energy four times of need Create multiple Cupid

Aging or Semi-Immortality 

• Help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.) 

• Bring you things that you might need 

The general clarification of what a Cupid Agent is that it is a concentrated idea frame that is made to play out a specific task(s). Elusively it is trusted that contemplations can be concentrated to such an extent, to the point that these musings inevitably turn out to be physically genuine. The wayfarer and author Alexandra David-Néel for instance composed at awesome length about her experiences with thought shapes in Tibet, which are called "Tulpa", and how Tibetan ministers were fantastically capable at making these. She likewise composes how she could make one of these Tulpas herself after numerous times of exertion and in the long run, this idea shape turned out to be solid to the point that others in her endeavor party could consider it to be real. Keeping in mind the end goal to make a working Servitor, you don't have to invest months assembling it and absolutely it doesn't have to be so powerful that others can see it. 

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“A Cupid is a Energy Cupid". A  Cupid is a mythological creature said to feed off the "life force" of other living creatures.[1]  Cupid are represented in the occult beliefs of various cultures 

If you want to learn energy work and take what a psy can offer you, this one is for you then. Let them turn your negativity into positive! 

e has white wings and is armed with a golden bow and arrows, which signify love and desire. When he shoots 'em at people, they fall truly, madly, deeply in love! In Classic mythology Cupid is the son of the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus.

Regardless of whether a mental exercise or a genuinely alive astral being and thought frame, your servitor will have the capacity to fulfill astonishing things in the event that it is made effectively. Be imaginative in your manifestations and how you wish to achieve your longings, this is a really magnificent approach to manage a portion of the issues that you may have in your life and the sky's the restrict with respect to what your servitors can do. Any spell or curse that you want to cast the Cupid Agent has the ability to carry out your magical task. 

The Cupid Agent is a powerful Cupid. It has specific commands that allow it to hunt for lover, find new love opportunities, protect your love, take control over other entities and get information. 

This product allows you to make as many cupids as you would like to help you in whatever you're trying to do. 

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But never ever forget your Cupid Agent loves to to make love!!!