Quantum Dream Shield

Bad dreams and nightmares can be extremely vivid, scary, distressing, and unsettling. Please note however that bad dreams do not always necessarily signify spiritual distress, e.g. a spiritual attack from the enemy. Bad dreams can sometimes be caused by e.g. going to bed with a lot on our minds (emotional stress), going through tough times, having our own worries, fears or imaginations spilling over into our dreams as our brains continue to be very active while we sleep, sleeping in certain uncomfortable positions, eating certain foods before bedtime, not regularly getting enough sleep, watching scary movies, encountering scary stories or disturbing news accounts in person, on TV or on the internet, physical or verbal altercations, fights, being very nervous about something, reading certain literature, and so on.

Whether the cause of a particularly bad dream is an indication of spiritual, physical, mental or emotional distress, as Christians and children of the Highest God, our first and foremost response should be to go to God in prayer. When you’ve had a bad dream, please turn to God for deliverance, peace, comfort, and clarity.

Please avoid distressing activities or thoughts especially just before bedtime. Instead, think good thoughts and do something very relaxing :). Remember to pray every night before you go to sleep, so you can go to sleep with a peaceful heart and a clear mind. Resist the devil, and he will flee (James 4:7). 

In these dark times, we need advanced tools for protection. The spiritual war which is going on all around us is a real war it is not make-believe. The Darkside wins when you don't believe in the true nature of the battle between good and evil is even going on. Because of this, I have developed a powerful energetic shield that works in conjunction with any prayer work or spiritual cleansing that she may do before you go to sleep. The dream time is when you are often most vulnerable because you have not put your defenses up. The quantum Quantum Dream Shield is a simple yet powerful energetic shield that protects you and your most vulnerable state.

The Quantum Dream Shield works in conjunction with any prayers and meditation. Once you have activated the Quantum Dream Shield then say any prayers or meditations inside the quantum Quantum Dream Shield in the effects will be amplified while you sleep. 

The Quantum Dream Shield acts as a harmonic resonator for amplifying your protection prayers.

The dream shield puts up a powerful energetic field that works on a high vibration yet allows you to sleep peacefully.

The Quantum Dream Shield incorporates a number of Crystal energies that help you to get a good nights sleep.

This system allows you to work and protect not just you but also your family.

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