Moderately Sized Star Destroyer - PDF Instructions

What you get: Step-by-step PDF instructions to build the Moderately Sized Star Destroyer (a/k/a ISD Aggressor a/k/a mini-Tyrant). Instructions total 1291 pages and are divided into eight volumes.

Payment entitles you to a digital download of PDF instruction manual only. LEGO bricks are not included.

NOT affiliated with the LEGO Group or Disney. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Model details:
- 15314 parts
- Interior includes bridge, barracks, canteen, conference room, and more.
- Hangar carries two folding TIE Fighters.
- Press a button to launch probe droids.
- Turbolasers rotate in unison by turning one of the main engines.
- Model features an original structure and design (NOT based on set 10030)
- Easy to remove top panels for (relatively) quick access to the interior
- Weight: ~27 lbs (12.25 kgs)
- Length: ~37 inches (94 cm) (i.e., approximately the same length as set 10030)

Model by Raskolnikov (Doomhandle)
Instructions by Legolijntje

NOTE: This model is intended for very advanced and patient builders. If you are crazy enough to attempt it, please take your time and check your work at each step. Small mistakes during the building process could result in significant issues (i.e., modules not fitting together properly) later on.

Due to the size of the build and the length of the instructions, we also cannot guarantee that the build is error free. We have done our best, but please let us know if you have any feedback or if you run into any issues. You can leave feedback or ask questions on the rebrickable page (link below). If you have a question about a specific part of the build, taking a picture would be really helpful.

We will attempt to update the instructions periodically. Links to any updated versions will be emailed to your paypal email address if you already have purchased the instructions.

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Gosh, this took a lot of work.  Hope you like it :)

UPDATE (August 22, 2017): Version 1.3.1 of the instructions is live. If you purchased the instructions, you should receive an email with a link to download the update shortly.