Cine LUTs Bundle

This Cine LUTs Bundle is pretty much everything you'll need if you shoot on a Sony a6300, a6500, a7iii, a7riii or a7sii using a Cine gamme profile.

The bundle includes 4 LUTs (at a reduced price than individually sold):
  • Canon Look Cine LUT
  • Cinematic Grit Cine LUT
  • Cinematic Punch Cine LUT
  • Vintage Cine LUT
The Canon Look Cine LUT:
This LUT will allow your Sony camera to look a little closer to the Canon colour science, boosting red and magentas and toning down the greens that Sony cameras tend to add as a tint.

Cinematic Grit Cine LUT:
This LUT is gritty, hard, perfect for an action sequence. It'll really make any texture in your shot just POP!

Cinematic Punch Cine LUT:
This LUT is less aggressive than the Cinematic Grit Cine LUT, focusing more on a variation of that sought-after teal/orange look found in the colour houses of Hollywood.

Vintage Cine LUT:
This LUT will take your footage and make it smooth like butter straight off the bat. By crunching the blacks with a soft curve, the transition from midtones to shadows happens super softly.

As with ALL LUTs, you will undoubtedly need to tweak these further to get your footage looking exactly how you want it to. I suggest applying these LUTs to an adjustment layer above your footage, so that you can tweak the exposure and temperature of your footage beneath to suit.


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