Leadership: The Readiness Matrix - Adapting Your Leadership Style to the Cast of Characters

This is the second in a series of 3 modules focused on "Readiness"  in the series,   Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success. 

Whether you are new in Leadership or a new Leader in your organization.  This session is a great (re)orientation of exploring "Readiness is an ACTION WORD."  Getting ready to "lead" is more than just getting the title and the corner office.  Topics presented in each 1-1.5 hour session include...
Adapting your leadership style to the culture of the Cast of Characters' expectations and organization transformation 
Intended outcomes are...
     •Participants will obtain a foundation of the course series content and expectations, their own and that of the agency.   
     •Heightened Communication strategies using your newfound character descriptions for yourself and those who work with 
     •Reflecting on the *DiSC experience, did it raise an awareness for you about why team member differences or synergy can 
     • Start to answer the question of... Are you more aware about your starting point when managing the cast of caracters
     •Gain new insight into relationship building and management for Success

Your Registration Fee includes...
1-1.5 hour virtual live workshop
Session Workbook
DiSC "Work of Leaders" Assessment (provided upon cnfirmation of registration)

*If you have not completed your DiSC Assessment, notify our representative at 954-476-3525 for further instructions.  You will need this document for the session to follow along in the discussion.  And it must be completed prior to the session.