Leadership: Managing Conflict: Being Prepared for Conflict When it Comes... And It Will

This is the second in a series of 3 modules focused on "Managers as Conflict Resolutionists" in the series -  Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success. 

The objective for this session is to introduce participants to the filters that often impede our ability to respond or make the right  decisions in our daily activities, whether at home or in the workplace.   Topics in this 1-1.5 hour session include...
          •Show participants that conflict does occur when we are not clear in our message delivery (direct or indirect). 
          •Delving deeper into what makes an effect leader is understanding accountability and expectations. Sustainable success 
              is based on understanding how to position and evolve.  

Intended outcomes are...
     •    Raise confidence  when the facilitation of Conflict is needed.
  Build insight into your strengths for addressing conflict and protecting those areas that require improvement for0  sustainable sucess in these encounters.
Your Registration Fee includes...
1-1.5 hour virtual live workshop
Session Workbook

*If you have not completed your DiSC Assessment, notify our representative at 954-476-3525 for further instructions.  You will need this document for the session.  And it must be completed prior to the session.