Process Improvement: Lean Tools: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Mobilization Template

This document provides a guide for the candidates on the topics to be included in a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt Project Mobilization Report. Sections can be added, removed or redefined based on the criteria established for the improvement project being examined. The recommended tools to be included in the Project Mobilization Report have been added to provide further guidance on how to complete each one that is relevant to your project. This document is designed to provide you with a formal roadmap and more important to give your project team a foundation to work from. It answers a lot of the questions that they will have starting off on this improvement journey. It also gives you credibility as a leader in your organization who has taken the time to ensure the success of his/her team as well as your own. ©2015, all rights reserved, You have been issued one licensed copy of this document for personal use only. Any other reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited.